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The legendary PUBG Mobile Battle Royale has been on air now with a mobile game. Better get the app downloaded immediately and enjoy the best graphics, new features, and more!

Battle Royale PUBG game recently becomes one of the most popular titles for gamers because of its unique content and perfect settings. Now, it’s time to bring it with you anywhere with the PUBG Mobile version. No matter what device you use, we have the best performances to download for Android, iOS, and other operating systems with PUBG Mobile APK.

The game remains epic combat among 100 players, and the ultimate goal is to survive until the last, no matter what. Transferred mobile version to PC may cause some changes in graphics as well as the content. Therefore, getting to know about the updates and tips is the first gear you need in advance.

PUBG mobile on PC

Features to improve your experience in PUBG Mobile

We strongly recommend the AOW engine since it could help players aim much more precisely. Now you have a bigger view of everything so aiming must be more accurate. It would also be best if you prepared a good PC, keyboard, and mouse to get ready with lag-free gameplay.

The better screen comes with better graphics. However, it would be best if you prepared your PC for presenting 2K images. You will need that effect since looking at the detailed map during the combat is vital to winning.

On the new platform, you need RAM 2GB to run the game. Also, the developers start a 3rd party payment method to purchase on the match could happen quickly and affect none of the gameplay.

Valuable tips to fight in PUBG Mobile

You might have fought in the Royale Battle many times. Therefore, you know the game will ever be changing. Picking up tips every time the new version publishes seems to help continue the victory.

Prepare before the fight first.

Don’t start firing your gun right away but take time to load up as many things as you can. There are crates from the sky that carry accessories and weapons, from armor and grenades to rare guns. The longer you wait, the better thing you’ll get.

Always track the map.

It’s important to know where you are on the battlefield. Knowing the place you go to next will help you come prepared.

Also, you should take advantage of the mini-map since it shows the location of a recent fire. You will know what to do.

Carefully consider where to start.

The first spot you are in decides how your preparation is and how the game turns out for you. We recommend places where you can loot things and collect more weapons such as military bases, power plants, or so on.

It would help if you landed on locations where you can hide around for a bit. If you are too exposed, there might be someone targeting you.

Know your range

Only shoot when the weapon can reach the range. Some guns are only for a short distance. Some can go further. You will know it when you practice using them, so pay attention and only trigger when you’re confident.

Always have vehicles

Drive car in PUBG gameplay

A vehicle will get you around quicker. However, it can also be the second armor when you fire, as the layer around could somehow halt the damage on you. Traveling with a vehicle could mean a lot of conveniences.

Watch out

If you have a plan, others also do. And this game is fierce with people shooting and throwing grenades all around. You better always observe and peer your eyes around to consider what the situation is. Then, you can fire.

Communicate with your squadmates

If you play in a team, communication with people is essential. It’s not only because you need a better bond to be corporate but also to believe each other in strategy.

Knowing your mates can even grant you more weapons and extra support whenever you enter a new zone. Besides, it’s always better with friends and alone.

PUBG Mobile Map

If you are about to move to the new spots, a squadmate can let you know the situation. It’s how you plan your moves effectively.

Memorize the map

Your map records all places you have been through and the route you build up. You will benefit somehow from these details, for hide-out or loot or fight. The PUBG map keeps changing all the time under influences from players. It’s better to memorize what you’ve been through and remember what to do with them.

Invest to gain rewards in Royale Pass

PUBG 0.6.0 comes with many rewards in Royale Pass. These are mostly about styles, clothes, and fancy items when you win. You must know that these things contribute none to your chance of winning but boost your confidence and identity.

Play game free with emulators

Emulators are helping a lot to help people to play the free game. The experience is almost the same when you play on PC, but it’s free.

Since you have got the paid version yet, practicing with the emulating game should help you prepare and test out tips.

PUBG gameplay on emulators

The best PUBG Mobile versions for you

It remains to be the game where you need to fight against other 99 people to be the last man to survive. Players shouldn’t be stressed out when you get to decide the weapons, vehicles, location, and supplies to complete the survival mission.

The game in PUBG Mobile happens on an island that shrinks in size. Players are suggested not to waste any time but stay tuned for aggressive enemies around. When survivors, including you, are closer together when the battlefield squeezes, you confront increasingly challenging situations. People will attack the surroundings without even thinking, so prepare yourself! To be the winner, you need to stay calm and perform what you have to be alive when the challenge gets over.

Updating features for the game

PUBG android App is possessing the best visual effects. Developers have actualized the battlefield in detail so that you can see realistic features on a massive island. As a result, a more precise map opens in front of your eyes. One hundred warriors in the combat must be satisfied with such a field. Besides, the soundtracks are not less impressive. The ungraded radio effects bring you unforgettable games with PUBG mobile.

Meanwhile, pubg iOS collects destruction tools. It grows more and more extensive with more guns, grenades, throwable items, and more. Besides weapons players can carry along with themselves, there is ballistics to make the massacre of your foes. You have a lot to show off but always keep the guard up.

The PUBG setting has added a new weather type to make the combat more thrilling. Moonlight in the Vikendi map will be the new thing you must get used to.

New teamplay

When you get the game either with apps or apk files, you are grabbing a chance for teamplay, too. The PUBG now allows players to group with buddies. In case you don’t have anyone you know yet, the system recommends you some names. This feature will bring the game to a new level of combat.

Play with buddies in PUBG Mobile

Fair play

PUBG game promotes brilliant tactics and smart use of weapons therefore, no cheating actions are accepted. The download version integrates an anti-cheat tool to find out and stop hackers.

Requirements to afford the best PUBG Mobile game

PUBG mobile download files let you play anywhere and anytime but only with an Internet connection. If you want the game to play smoothly, with no lags and freeze, you had better get an excellent device to operate the app. We recommend:

  • iPhone 6S and above
  • iOS 9 and above, so you can play it on latest iPhones such as iPhone X
  • Android phones with version 5.1 and above, RAM at least 2 GB
  • Samsung Glalaxy, Google Pixel, Sonny, Redmi devices with recommended Android version

System Requirements To Play PUBG Mobile on PC

  • CPU: Dual-core from Intel or AMD at 1.8 GHz.
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600.
  • Memory: at least 3GB of RAMOS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7DirectX:
  • Version 9.0cStorage: 1GB of free storage

Reminders to enjoy PUBG Mobile to the fullest

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