3 Ways to Fix PUBG Mobile Download Error on CH Play

PUBG Mobile is an amazing original Battle Royale game which is able to run on your mobile platforms. It is an official survival match where you will play against 99 enemies and your mission is to be the last survivor. What you need to defend yourself from every danger include weapons, supplies, skills deployed smartly, and the fortune. Similar to PUBG for pc, PUBG Download quickly became a hit title and it has still attracted tons of players until now. However, an incident happened and it caused everybody to think that PUBG Mobile was discarded from CH Play because they could not check anything related to that game. Specifically, its name was not able to be found in the search bar.

PUBG Mobile was discarded from CH Play

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Links to download PUBG Mobile

With the simplistic ways below, those who are controlling normal Android phones and expect to play PUBG Mobile game on your device can download the file XAPK or APK without effort before installation.

  1. Directly access the homepage of PUBG Mobile! The international one has enough 3 methods to download PUBG iOS, PUBG Android, and PUBG APK. It is available and free to choose from!
  2. If you utilize smartphones, you can go to APKPure to begin to transfer PUBG Android.
  3. For Samsung users, it’s best to visit the Galaxy Apps Store to get international PUBG Mobile game.

Good luck!


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