4 New Zombie Types in 0.13.0 Version Will Imposes Addictive Gameplays

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Explore 4 new zombie types which have been released in PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 and do not skip how to destroy all of them in the shortest time! Read the tutorial now!

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4 new Zombie types come soon with the novel PUBG Mobile 0.13.0. It would help if you prepared for their scary look, incredible abilities, and deadly features. The new version indeed introduces more news to challenge players. We will have you guided in baby steps. First, let’s swipe down for a quick tutorial on how to cope with new monsters.

New zombies added to PUBG Mobile since version 0.13 and how to remove them.

4 new Zombie types are just a part of changes in the PUBG Mobile 0.13.0. The upcoming season offers outstanding features, among which players should read more about new Team Deathmatch Mode, Survive Till Dawn, and the Vikendi map beside the Zombies.

Not only the gameplay change, but the new season also introduces experimental items. Going through the list, we see Room Card as the most potential game-changer with the ability to launch a unique playfield.

Graphics also escalates. Footprints start to be visible on snowy ground in Vikendi, and monsters show up with detailed features. All of these promise a realistic vision.

Even though players will have a lot to keep up with, we see new monsters as the most urgent issue to process. PUBG Mobile zombies in the 0.13.0 version acquire a specific tactic that we’ll tell you soon.

Four kinds of zombies not existing in PUBG Mobile before & how to conquer them.

The first step is to download PUBG Mobile 0.13.0. 4 new wicked monsters are waiting to eat you alive. Since you haven’t prepared any things to cope with 4 new Zombie types, check out our advice below!

Zombie worker

The First Undead, inspired from the last version
The First Undead, inspired from the last version

These zombie workers are the police zombie from the last season. You might find them familiar at first sight. How did the story develop?

Racoon Police suffered hectic destruction that pulled the whole building down. Police, therefore, must resign from the patrolling and start working as workers.

They come with another identity, but the characteristics are quite the same. The most effective way to go with them is aiming at the head, using the most destructive bullets or grenades. It would also help if you acted quickly when you confront them since the zombie workers draw collectively into you very quickly. It will be easier to cope with one or two.


New Zombie with new look and characteristics
New Zombie with new look and characteristics

These monsters appear in the same look as the previous season, but their damage capacity and blood have changed. Players must download PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 to see the new features.

The new ones can move faster and sprint more effectively. Therefore, you must come up with the plan in advance. Then, when you face them, a quick reaction is the best solution.

Skinners can make a red circle, and this new item imposes specific damage. The best way to cope with it is to attend the real game and practice.


Scary Creatures with horror appearance
Scary Creatures with horror appearance

You might encounter mutants next to the iron tube, and their style is waiting and slay passers-by.

Fighting with the G-Virus will ask you for patience. It’s more relaxing if you experience fighting bosses, but if not, you still have chances to win. The tactic we propose is swiftly and regular assault aiming at the target.

Be careful with Mutant blood. Mutant or G-Virus blood could splash into you during the fight, accidentally or intentionally, and you’ll get harmed.

We suggest using 7.62mm bullets, and you must loot the weapons in advance. If you don’t have the guns you need, avoid them as well as you can.

Usually, confrontation with two thugs at the same time will be too much. And if you are unlucky enough, try your best to survive.


Pain alters Tyrant in new PUBG Mobile
Pain alters Tyrant in new PUBG Mobile

Loot multiple 7.62mm bullets since they are useful. These little metal pieces could help you knock out Tyrant. Payment left, but the PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 update welcomes Tyrant as even scarier alternatives.

They share the same quality, but Tyrant moves faster – the new monster like slaying and throwing sand to blind you at the moment. It would help if you had a good weapon and the ability to lure this tricky creature to kill them.

To sum up, the 4 new Zombie types preserve most of the old characteristics. However, they obtain some promotions that you should know in advance to adjust the plan. Download PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 now and enjoy it with your team. Moving fast, cooperating, and responsive are keywords to your success.

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