Due to the popularity and attraction of the fans of battle royale games, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile has a lot of cheaters using hacks to outplay other players, causing an unfair gaming experience. You are recommended to find out 8 common PUBG Mobile hacks that you usually encounter while playing matches. Every hack has its own way to get you irritated and you will want to report that cheater immediately. Most of the players have come across cheaters in PUBG Mobile at least once, thus finding out common types of hacks used by cheaters is a good way to detect and report them to the publisher.

Among PUBG Mobile guides and PUBG Mobile tips and tricks, people have a tendency to search for hacks that are frequently used by the cheaters in the game. You will be provided with all information about 8 common hacks used by the cheaters.

PUBG Mobile 8 common hacks used by cheaters

1. PUBG Mobile Wall Hack

Wall hack has become one of the most famous and most chosen by cheaters in PUBG Mobile. It is simple for a cheater to use this hack in a match and it is also easy for other players to detect it. PUBG Mobile wall hack allows the cheaters to watch the movement of others and deal damage to them when they appear. The way that this hack operates will make you feel like a TPP player battling against an FPP player.

Wall hack allows the cheaters to shoot and kill their enemies through walls and obstacles as well. Since this action is easily detected, some cheaters will not do it even though they want to, otherwise, their accounts will be locked.

2. PUBG Mobile Speed Hack

PUBG Mobile speed hack is also a popular type of hack used by cheaters and is easily detected when it boosts the speed of a player when using a vehicle or when running. If you see someone running at a crazy speed, you should know that they are using the speed hack. You cannot do anything to this fast enemy, which can make you feel annoyed a bit. However, anyone using this speed hack can be destroyed by normal methods. If they rush into a wall or a building, they will get themselves killed. Don’t forget to report cheaters using the speed hack in PUBG Mobile matches.

PUBG Mobile Speed Hack

3. PUBG Mobile Aimbot Hack

The purpose of PUBG Mobile aimbot hack is to allow cheaters to put their crosshair onto the head of an opponent and then shoot them instantly with 100% accuracy. With some Aimbot software, the cheaters can even catch sight of others from a far distance and headshot them easily. It’s likely hard for you to win over an aimbot player if you encounter them in a match.

PUBG Mobile Aimbot Hack

However, if you do want to defeat an aimbot player, there is still a method for you to do it. You can get behind them secretly and wait for a chance to beat them. But, in fact, those cheaters are not dumb! They will use other hack types, like ESP hack for instance to outplay you.

4. PUBG Mobile ESP Hack

ESP (stands for Extra Sensory Perception) is a type of common hack in PUBG Mobile. ESP hack is also called a radar hack and is known as a better version of the wall hack mentioned above. ESP hack in PUBG Mobile can let cheaters do more than just viewing other players’ movements or their actions through a wall.

PUBG Mobile ESP Hack

Besides letting cheaters observe the movements of other players, ESP hack can also allow them to read all information about their opponents in a match. They will get some information like blood amount, equipment, distance, name, and other things easily.

5. PUBG Mobile High Jump Hack

High jump is also a popular hack that you usually encounter in PUBG Mobile matches. When someone can jump very high to dodge the bullets from you or reach areas that no one can expect, you should know that they are using the high jump hack. Not only that, but this PUBG Mobile high jump hack also works on vehicles. A car cannot jump between areas easily, but with this hack, the driver can make it jump while driving it.

PUBG Mobile High Jump Hack

6. PUBG Mobile Flying Vehicles Hack

When someone drives a vehicle and uses the flying-vehicle hack, you see that they can hover their car in midair and they will not fall unless they want to. It is easy to spot this PUBG Mobile flying-vehicle hack and report that cheater.

PUBG Mobile Flying Vehicles Hack

7. PUBG Mobile Underwater Hack

The underwater hack is applied for when a player is under the water. With this PUBG Mobile underwater hack, the cheater can utilize healing items, shoot their enemies, and do a lot of things while they are in the water.

8. PUBG Mobile No Recoil Hack

No-recoil hack is a typical type of hack in PUBG Mobile applied for some weapons. When you get defeated by an enemy that used guns like AKM or MK14 from over 200, you can be sure that they are applying no-recoil hack, especially when they use attachments like the x6 viewfinder since this hack type does not give any recoil to guns.

PUBG Mobile No Recoil Hack

In short, 8 common hacks in PUBG Mobile that were mentioned above can be detected and reported if you closely pay attention to the players that are using them. When you know they are cheaters, you can report them to the game publisher to get them to be banned from the game.


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