A Comparison Between Erangel And Sanhok In PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile Sanhok and Erangel are the two most-picked maps for your matches. Let’s find out the differences between them then see which one is better.

PUBG Mobile (stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile) is famous for not only its battle royale gameplay mechanics but also other features, particularly various maps to play on. When it comes to PUBG Mobile maps, players usually think about two common picks: Erangel and Sanhok. These two maps can bear similar elements in terms of terrains, but if you go deeper into them, you will notice the differences between them. Below here is a comparison between those two of the most – played maps in PUBG Mobile game!

PUBG Mobile is famous for its unique maps, especially Erangel and Sanhok
PUBG Mobile is famous for its unique maps, especially Erangel and Sanhok

PUBG Mobile Erangel and Sanhok, which one is better for you?

There is no denying that PUBG Mobile is an interesting battle royale game to master. One of the important aspects of it is its various maps, making the map choices of players more diverse. At the moment, there are four maps featured in PUBG Mobile, including Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Among them, Erangel and Sanhok are the two most – played maps. What are the differences between these two maps that you should know? Once you have known their details, you can select your favorite map then start playing the game on it. Let’s dive deeper into the basics of every map!

PUBG Mobile Erangel

Erangel map in PUBG Mobile
Erangel map in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Erangel was the first classic map featured in the game. The map simulates an abandoned Russian military island. It is surrounded by patches of forests, urban areas, and sea. The size of Erangel is kind of huge. You will need to find some vehicles to better your movement speed if you want to explore all areas on the map, especially when you have to run towards the play zone when the area starts restricting in size.

Although Erangel is the oldest map in PUBG Mobile, it is not an easy map to master due to its exclusive terrain, the diversity of open spaces, and urban groups of buildings. You will experience high and low ground areas on Erangel in PUBG Mobile. Thanks to this, you can think about sniping enemies from afar or entering a long-range battle.

Players will have chances to join close-range combat thanks to urban areas. The main map is connected to a small military base island by a huge sea, which makes it harder a bit to predict the safe zones.

PUBG Mobile Sanhok

Sanhok map in PUBG Mobile
Sanhok map in PUBG Mobile

Sanhok was the next map released in PUBG Mobile right after Erangel. Thanks to this map release, PUBG Mobile game has become more interesting. Also, players have more map options. Sanhok in PUBG Mobile is not as big as Erangel. The terrain and landscapes of the map will remind you of Thailand and the Philippines. The development team revealed that they did visit some places and observed them carefully before releasing Sanhok.

PUBG Mobile Sanhok consists of vast grasslands and green covers. When you are on this map, you will feel like you are in a real tropical rainforest. The effects and graphics of Sanhok are also quite eye – catching. The battles on the map are mostly close quarters where opponents are hard to spot since they use grasses to cover themselves when going prone.


That’s all for the basics of PUBG Mobile Erangel and Sanhok! Now, you have learned the depths of these two maps in the PUBG Mobile game. But, it is not easy to pick your favorite one, right? Both of them offer great experiences to you. However, it seems that the item spawn rate in Sanhok is higher than in Erangel. You usually get yourself a better weapon when landing into Sanhok than in Erangel. It’s up to you to choose the one you like! Or, you can try both of them if you want!

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