M416 and M762 are the best PUBG Mobile weapons for players to use in combat. There is no denying that PUBG Mobile is a famous battle royale game for its unique and diverse weapons. If you have a favorite weapon list in PUBG Mobile, make sure you add these two assault rifles to the list and use them to defeat enemies in your matches.

Thanks to various weapons, players can use them to adapt their play styles in the game easily. Both of M416 and Beryl M762 are the best weapons in PUBG Mobile. But, to help you decide which is better, find out the weapon guide below that covers a detailed comparison of these two guns.

Between M416 and M762, which is the better gun for your matches in PUBG Mobile game?

About M416 and M762

PUBG Mobile Beryl M762
PUBG Mobile Beryl M762

Both guns are categorized as assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. The difference between these guns is the ammo type they use. For M416, it uses the 5.56mm ammo, while Beryl M762 uses 7.62mm ammo.

Fire rate and damage of these two assault rifles

When it comes to important elements of a gun, people usually think about fire rate and damage. These elements reflect how much damage players can deal to enemies when they use guns. For the M416, it can deal a hit damage of 41 and it has both single and auto-fire modes, while the Beryl M762 can help players deal a hit damage of 46, which is much higher than the M416. Also, the M762 comes with three firing modes, including single, auto, and burst.

The recoil of the guns

PUBG Mobile M416
PUBG Mobile M416

When it comes to the recoil aspect, the M416 in PUBG Mobile does not have much recoil, even though spraying may cause a little turmoil when aiming whereas the Beryl M762 has a high recoil, which makes it hard to control in the match.

Attachments you can add to the guns

M416 is compatible with more attachment slots, like the extended magazine, compensator, suppressor, and various scopes that help the gun stability and help players deal accurately shots, especially headshots.

For the Beryl M762, it does not have more attachment slots than the M416. You can add some attachments to the gun, like angled foregrip, extended magazine, suppressor, compensator, and a few types of scopes. Thanks to these attachments, you will find the recoil of M762 much easier to control, which also betters the gun overall.

Which gun is better in PUBG Mobile game?

In general, though all the elements analyzed above, it can be true to say that the Beryl M762 is somewhat better than the M416 overall. However, the M762 is only recommended for players who are good at controlling recoil. Also, the gun should be used on some occasions. Although there is a somewhat trade-off with the M416, it still features better stability, which makes up for that disadvantage in PUBG Mobile.

In PUBG Mobile 0.19.0, players can explore upgraded versions of some common weapons in the Arena game mode. Besides using M416 and Beryl M762, make sure you also check out other PUBG Mobile weapons for new experiences. If you try using all of them, you will know which ones fit your playstyle! There will be more PUBG Mobile weapon guides that you want to explore!

The version PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 was already launched, bringing a wide array of new content and feature, and recently, the first PUBG Mobile 1.0 Beta update has just been announced to be released, patching some bugs, improving some elements for Erangel map, as well as adding some new content. Make sure you stick with the game for more updates!


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