On the occasion of the Earth protection campaign, and in response to this, PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 has launched a Mad Miramar featuring sandstorm effects in order to simulate the rage of nature. Through this sandstorm, PUBG Mobile sends a meaningful message on people’s awareness of protecting the environment. Make sure you download PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 to experience new features and changes made to Miramar.

Sandstorm in PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar is a symbolization of nature's rage
Sandstorm in PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar is a symbolization of nature’s rage

How do players deal with a sandstorm in PUBG Mobile Miramar?

When the sandstorm in Mad Miramar in PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 rages on, the “gunslingers” must vanquish it on different levels and try to become the last man standing in the midst of this sandstorm disaster. With the appearance of the sandstorm, everything around becomes obscured and is covered by the yellow-brown color of soil, sand, and many dangers that are hidden.

Through all the latest PUBG Mobile updates, players can see the determination of the game publisher on sharing social responsibility. By simulating the destruction of nature, the players are put in a tough situation when they have to think about how to survive in the middle of the sandstorm and protect themselves from the enemy shots.

sandstorm in PUBG Mobile Miramar
sandstorm in PUBG Mobile Miramar

As you know, the sandstorm is one of the natural disasters causing many losses of life and property. The excessive exploitation and cultivation of humans are the reasons causing sandstorms. Therefore, by adding sandstorm effects to Miramar, players partly understand how dangerous a sandstorm is in destroying nature.

Besides sandstorm effects in PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar, players can also explore other improvements in items, maps, and weapons. The most outstanding content is the appearance of two new areas, including Oasis in the north and Urban Ruins in the northwest. From here, players can come up with unique strategies and tactics to deal with the challenges.

The "gunslingers" must fight to keep the ecosystem safe in PUBG Mobile 0.18.0
The “gunslingers” must fight to keep the ecosystem safe in PUBG Mobile 0.18.0

PUBG Mobile Miramar 2.0 also adds a new race track for gamers to master, with the appearance of a brand new vehicle called Golden Mirado. This PUBG Mobile new vehicle spawns only once, thus making sure you are the first one claiming it. Besides, you can catch sight of vending machines spawned randomly on the map. These vending machines allow you to buy items, such as energy drinks or painkillers. If lucky, you can even buy 8 cans at a time. Finally, Win94, which is frequently skipped, was also improved with a 2.7x viewfinder for a dramatic play.

With all the new content, updates, and especially the sandstorm effects in PUBG Mobile 0.18.0, players will get more excited about these changes in the latest update of PUBG Mobile game, especially hiding in the sandstorm of Miramar with many dangers around. With these changes, the survival aspect of the game is strongly enhanced with a meaningful message about protecting the environment.


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