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PUBG mobile is an action survivor arena online game on mobile, which was developed by PUBG Corporation, a branch company under Bluehole company. This game was inspirited by a movie which was made in the year 2000, Battle Royale.

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When was PUBG mobile release?

The first early version of PUBG was played on steam and released in March 2017. Then the full version was released in December 2017. And this game has increasingly developed and eventually, became one of the most popular games in the world, after that, Tencent and PUBG corporation cooperated and launched PUBG mobile game in 2018. Now you can play PUBG on any device you want.

How to play?

This is an action survivor arena online game on mobile. There will be a maximum of 100 players in one battle. Everyone will start by skydiving from a helicopter randomly on an area of about 8 kilometers x 8 kilometers. Players can choose between a third-person view or a first-person view. After players land on the ground, they will have to immediately go and find items for survival that were scattered all over the place like guns, clothes, sniffs, knives,… and even transport like cars, motorbikes,…, when a player kills another player, he or she could take their victim’s equipment as a trophy and used it to help protect themselves better. Dead players will be eliminated immediately. After a certain time, the safe zone will slowly and gradually shrink, forcing all the players to face each other and fight. If a player can not run back to the safe zone in time, their blood will slowly be decreased, and they would die, meaning they would be eliminated. The last one or the last team to survive will become the winner and get the greatest glory.

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