Basic Information You Need To Know About PUBG Mobile Season 14: Official Release Date, Item Leaks, Royale Pass And More

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PUBG Mobile Season 14 is about to be released! There are already some content and item leaks, together with Royale Pass of season 14. Check them out!

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The new season of PUBG Mobile is coming! Are you ready to be treated with a new array of content, improvements, and more? You’d better be excited about it because PUBG Mobile Season 14 will better your gameplay performance a lot.

PUBG Mobile is far different from the standard PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds you play on PC, even though both versions share the same name and the same publishers. PUBG Mobile is a battle royale survival game you can download and play for free on iOS/Android devices.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 brings you a brand new experience
PUBG Mobile Season 14 brings you a brand new experience

While PUBG PC season 7 is coming to its conclusion later this summer, PUBG Mobile is now ready for its 14th season featuring brand new content and items. Although the PUBG Mobile Season 14 release date does not come yet, you can still take a look at some leaks, Royale Pass, and so forth.

When will PUBG Mobile Season 14 be released?

PUBG Mobile Season 14 release date is finally set! This latest season will come to all servers on July 12th, right after the ending of PUBG Mobile Season 13. Make sure you unlock and claim all rewards from Toy Playground Battle Pass as soon as you can because you will not be able to return to get old rewards once the new season begins.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass is going to end on July 13th
PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass is going to end on July 13th

Some content and item leaks in season 14 of PUBG Mobile game

If you get excited about PUBG Mobile new season, you will surely want to check out some leaks. Through these leaks, you can know that Season 14 of PUBG Mobile will have a “Spark the Flame” theme containing flashy and metallic skins, parachutes, as well as other cool items. Although this has not been confirmed by the publishers yet, some other sources have mentioned the same skins and items, which can be trusted a bit.

Similar to other PUBG mobile seasons, in this new one, you can get access to a wide array of cosmetic skins for items, like guns, grenades, parachutes, and so forth. No confirmation about what items will be included in the new season has been given out yet. Below here is an example of what is contained in the pass in PUBG Mobile Season 13.

Things currently included in PUBG Mobile Season 13
Things currently included in PUBG Mobile Season 13

According to other rumors, like the tweet from PUBG Mobile, Season 14 would release a brand new map. Some players have speculated that the four pictures on the postcards would create a new part of the map or a new map when they are put together.

PUBG Mobile on Twitter
PUBG Mobile on Twitter

New Royale Pass for PUBG Mobile Season 14

There are two types for PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass, including free and premium. By just logging in, all players can easily unlock and get access to free items. But, if you want to receive more exclusive skins and items, you have to buy the full battle pass. Also, the free pass offers only 60 ranks.

The price for purchasing PUBG Mobile Royale Pass is 600 UC ($9.99 / £9.99). Once you have bought the pass, you can unlock every item on it with access to some special missions that can increase your rank faster. For the Elite Pass Plus, you have to pay more money for it, exactly 1800 UC ($29.99 / £29.99). But with this pass, 25 ranks will be automatically unlocked for you and the pass, of course, grants you extra rare items that are not included in the free pass or royale passes.

You have to have a good amount of UC – the currency in PUBG Mobile if you want to purchase the passes.

You can check and search for PUBG Mobile products with the best prices
You can check and search for PUBG Mobile products with the best prices

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