How to download and install PUBG Mobile on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

PUBG Mobile is considered as one of the most interesting Battle Royale games recently. Before playing the new match, you can refer the way to download and install PUBG iOS (iPhone/iPad) here.

Download PUBG Mobile on iOS

It is the simplest step to access PUBG iOS!

  • PUBG iOS needs to run on a persistent internet connection.
  • Besides, you should meet recommended specs for PUBG Mobile: iPhone 6s or later and iOS 9 or above.
  • Moreover, it can support almost iOS devices, comprising but not limited to: iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, and iPhone 6s.

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Methods to test installing PUBG Mobile on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

We have some tutorials to make your job easier and you can have fun with PUBG iOS faster.

PUBG Mobile on iOS

  • Firstly, remember that the app is mainly active to download in China. Well, you are advised to switch your region. Next, release the App store and touch your avatar from the Today tab. Then, pick out a cell at the top of the screen to check your email and your name.
  • Head to Account Page to find your profile, opt for the Country or Region. Fill blanks to finish it. Try to save info before leaving!
  • Return to the App Store. Type PUBG Mobile and search!
  • Download your app on your device. Wait for downloading and installing for a couple of minutes to end.
  • Press the Icon on the home screen and you can engage in PUBG Mobile on iOS platform.
  • It’s quick to change back the location of the App Store to what it has before!
  • If you accept to set PUBG Mobile iOS, do not skip a notification to generate Wechat or something!
  • Especially, you are forced to spend a few tokens to start!

Download and enjoy PUBG iOS in other nations

When you have already installed PUBG Mobile, numerous fantastic features will pop up. It is not hard to enter PUBG Mobile anymore. You can spot an appropriate map to travel.

Are you ready to participate in PUBG iOS and dominate the leaderboard? Similar to the original, you must fight and kill as many foes as possible. In addition, keep you safe and survive until the round stops! There are plenty of tips to stay alive when the combat is finished. Its very exciting to decide on the style you love! Land on the favorite point and embark on your adventure now!


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