PUBG Mobile: All About Infection Mode

Grab the best PUBG Mobile Infection Mode guide and get ready to survive until dawn or infect the humans!

PUBG Mobile New Game Mode

Zombie Infection is a mode not existing in PUBG Mobile game before. After PUBG Mobile 0.14, it has become popular. It is an interesting and attracting room these days. If you want to conquer PUBG Mobile with Infection, you can check the next part.

Actually, the patch 0.14.0 content update is available for the cool PUBG Mobile version. It offers something spookier: a complete Infection mode. Players will join one of 2 groups in a battle, the Defender or the Infected.

PUBG Mobile: All About Infection Mode
PUBG Mobile: All About Infection Mode

How to play PUBG Mobile Infection Mode

Players in PUBG Mobile New Game Mode will control both of teams. It has unique gameplay. Here is the specific rule:

  • Each time there will be 12 people who are divided into 2 clans (Team Humans 9 and Team Zombies 3). The PUBG Mobile Infection mode will be located on a small Lost Harbor map. Between rounds, every participant will start off with a defender.
  • The first step is arranged indiscriminately. You will experience 3 matches. Each will occur within 3 minutes. When the challenge is triggered, some people will be randomly chosen to be zombies. While these creatures try to capture soldiers with their melee attacks, the rest will have to protect themselves by killing with their assault rifles.
  • A round is finished if either side is fully eliminated or the round timer reaches zero. The Defender faction will be the victor by staying alive at the last moment.
  • The undead will have faster movement speed. With the abilities and weapons that you have, you can make a plan of your own.

Features of survivors and monsters in PUBG Mobile New Game Mode

Before you collect PUBG Mobile Infection full details, you should not forget to learn about the character that you will navigate.

  • Defenders: There are two classes including Defender and Vanquisher
    • Defenders will use guns and they are supplied with 660 bullets, with attachments Holo and Red dot.
    • After the first three persons are defeated, the left 6 guys will change into Vanquisher (a higher level).
    • These Vanquishers will have no guns. But, they will move in a more flexible way. Especially, they have a stronger HP and they will wield blades to cause heavy damage to the target.
  • Zombie: There is an awesome PUBG Mobile zombies series. They have different synergies. They are sorted into:
    • Speed Zombie: A fast-moving male-bodied type. They will kill the rival with a melee slash and they can speed up easily. They are excellent at ambushes.
    • Stealth Zombie: A female-bodied zombie. They utilize claws. They can stealth.
    • Zombie King: Attained through gathering a Booster or destroying 2 Defenders. They are big and slow. But, they can inflict more melee damage to Vanquishers. Their skill helps the defense of nearby zombies.

When to achieve the goal in PUBG Mobile 0.14 Infection Mode

It is the successful ending gained when joining Infection, the new PUBG Mobile mode.

  • If you are an ordinary man, you must wipe out all zombies and survive for 3 minutes.
  • If you are a corpse, you are required to spread the virus.

Quick tips for players in Infection mode of PUBG Mobile 0.14

We have some PUBG Mobile Infection Mode tips and tricks to win here. They will be helpful for you, especially in emergency moments.

  • Zombies do not take damage out of the blue zone.
  • They will evolve to be Zombie Kings after they have two kills.
  • Each Vanquisher swing hits for approximately 500 HP.
  • Defenders and Zombies alike can select the bouncy rubber ring to approach high spots.
  • Defenders should often take advantage of choke points to decrease threats.
  • You can discard gun attachments if you prefer iron sights.
  • Defenders are recommended to search for choke areas split with leaps to race against the timer.
  • Switching to the secondary gear is quicker than reloading.

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