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To PUBG eSport players, PUBG Europe League or PEL is promised to become one of the most outstanding contests of the year 2019. Although the earliest chapter is working since the release date on March 21, we still want to present with you the PEL.

What is the PUBG Europe League?

PEL or PUBG Europe League is a top tier eSport League of the most talented character in PUBG PC in Europe. It is held by PUBG Corp. & StarLadder.

PEL includes three parts

  • PEL
  • PEL Contenders
  • Open PEL

The Europe League of PUBG will gather 16 of the best groups from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in the European region and the PEL Contenders, “second division”, connects 32 skilled clans. Fans of PUBG game will engage in the pro spot according to the Open PEL.

Schedule of PUBG PEL

To follow participants in Europe League of PUBG game, you need to remember that the March 21 pinpoints the opening of PEL. In which, Phase 1 will be triggered for 3 weeks, going with four match days per week and five rounds each day.

It is the schedule of PUBG Europe League.
It is the schedule of PUBG Europe League.

The PEL Phase 1 will consist of 6 teams from PUBG PC, which are summoned due to their performances in former tournaments and 10 teams eligible for the PEL Qualifiers course.

The whole list of crews in PUBG Europe League
The whole list of crews in PUBG Europe League

Different from stage 1, every following chapter of the Europe League will prolong for eight weeks. During the second and third sessions, the teams that fight for PEL points will be thrown into international events occurring each period. Depending on the outcome of 3 sections, the best squads will be moved to the PUBG Global Championship.

PEL relegation system

Within the short time of Phase 1 in PUBG, no team will involve in or leave PEL after the three-week rivalry ends.

At the start of Phase 2, the rules will be valid. The four parties at the bottom of the leaderboard after Phases 1 & 2 will access the Promo PEL. They will compete with the 12 best gangs of the PEL Contenders. The four excellent bands of the PEL Promo tournament will be aided to PEL for the later step, whilst the rest will come back to PEL Contenders.

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