PUBG Europe League Games, Teams, And Schedule That You Shouldn’t Miss

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Play PUBG PC game and remember to follow everything in Europe League! There are the plan, PEL relegation system, and other information about the competition.

PUBG Europe League is one of the best groups from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Gamers in PEL develop the most active communities in the PUBG world. As a result, they praise the game into an international eSport.

Through what they develop the schedule, teams, and games, fans worldwide cannot wait to know the plan. Luckily, we collect pieces of information and put here all you need to know about PEL.

PUBG Europe League

Europe League for PUBG PC gathers big plans considering PUBG gameplay. The team goes professional with every single battle and even teams up to bring PUBG games to an international eSports program.

Every time the new match is on edge, fans are looking forward to developments, info schedule. By this article, we’ll keep you posted on all relating to the upcoming battle event.

PUBG download with PEL is also a unique item
PUBG download with PEL is also a unique item

Every year, worldwide PUBG fans head to Europe League for PUBG PC for the most outstanding eSport international competition. And even there are more days to go until the opening of the season. We are already in the position.

Also, knowing the schedule in advance will help you with making time for it. And don’t miss this time since there will be a feast, as usual.

What is the PUBG Europe League?

Under the management of PUBG Corp. StarLadder, PUBG Europe League includes the best character in PUBG. Because of the talented team, battles here are one of a kind.

A standard PEL season includes three parts:

  • PUBG Europe League is a collection of 16 best-talented PUBG groups. They are all from Europe, regional or national.
  • PEL Contenders are so-called the second division. Here come the combats among 32 best-skilled clans in the regions
  • Open PEL notifies the fans to engage with the pro spot.

As you can see, the best gamers and best teams are all here for the competition. A true fan couldn’t resist the chance to watch the heaven games. And you won’t since you’ve got here the schedule for the whole game.

Schedule of PUBG PEL

Let’s write down your notes about the first Phase. Europe League will open on March 21st, and so will Phase 1. Every day in the upcoming three weeks, Phase 1 hosts five rounds. It’s to enable four matches a week.

Competition schedule of PUBG Europe League
Competition schedule of PUBG Europe League

Phase 1 will be the opening competitions among 16 teams. Among them, six teams are from the last season, and they must count on their performance to gain the tickets. The other ten groups are those who meet the requirements proposed by PEL Qualifiers.

As can be seen, they must try harder to show up in such an international event annually. Therefore, it ensured the best combats.

Crew logos in PUBG Europe League
Crew logos in PUBG Europe League

Phase 2 and Phase 3 will last for eight weeks each, and teams are chosen according to their points from the previous stage.

Each team must collect points from the first Phase to the last session and no pause. The ticket to PUBG Global Championship is waiting for the best performers.

PEL relegation system

How to calculate relegation in PEL? You don’t need to wait for the result but know for yourself how your favorite team is doing.

Three weeks of Phase 1 will pass by peacefully, and no teams will leave. After the rivalry session, the number of the group also remains.

The rules only take effect starting at the next Phase. After the last session, points will be finalized, and elimination starts. The four bottoms will come into the game with clans from the top 12 gangs. This is the PEL contenders part.

After the above Promo PEL, the best four will head to the next Phase while the rest continue fighting at PEL Contenders.

No matter how the game ends, every single character in PUBG PC of PEL will serve you the most intense, brilliant, and fantastic moments.

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