PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro Map: Ultimate Guidelines, Tips and Tricks to Win

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PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro Map should be your next victory spot if you know how to ride the battle. You need thorough info and some tricks before combating.

You may hear about the PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro Map in PUBG Mobile news or from other gamers. Some lines are added on the classic map only, but you can always encounter the unexpected.

We know that PUBG games would never get boring even if we learn the map by heart. There are always surprises whenever you land on the island. However, developers also never take it for granted when it comes to the joy of players. They develop this map as a new battleground for event fighting.

The rules to play remain the same but combating on a new ground requires your specific knowledge about settings, vehicles, and conditions. Besides, you will prevail with some tips in advance.

Select Metro Map on Erangel 2.0
Select Metro Map on Erangel 2.0

How to get the PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro map?

Now you can get the map from Map Erangel 2.0. However, it doesn’t pop up automatically since Erangel Map 2.0 doesn’t include this new spot as standard. You have to turn it on using Game Mode selection and to select events. You can only have the new map using classic Battle Royale.

After choosing to expand your playground, you can drop on the Metro spot or your usual destinations. The whole map will show up a bit different because of the added Metro. You might notice new train lines and trains from the minimap, which you can turn off if not necessary.

The new spots will come with an unknown mark such as A1 to A6, B, or C. But as the classic game, these little details will change. Therefore, don’t invest too much attention in names.

When you activate Metro Map, you can land on it, choosing the Metro location. Doing so brings you chances to explore new spots. However, the drop point is usually at the metro station, where many others may stay around. You better take care.

Metro lines on the Mini Map
Metro lines on the Mini Map

What will players encounter in PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro Map?

Metro Station, where you land, is one of the hotspots for combat, sooner or later. Therefore, you better spy around and loot your weapon. However, you might need to know in advance that the place is not big enough to supply the whole team.

Land in the PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro Map
Land in the PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro Map

There are two types of space in the PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro Map. One of them is safe zones with everything every day. Besides, the radioactive area imposes deadly conditions that you must enter with special suits.

Metro Radioactive Zone
Metro Radioactive Zone

There are many trains which are out of order and for hide-out. You can climb on top of broken trains to view around as well as loot your weapons there. However, when coming inside the station, you’ll find that trains are working there. Like in a real station, you can track the trains and hop on to reach other places.

A radioactive spot is a dangerous location but contains many benefits. The station supplies many crates where you will find rare weapons. Your combat ability will be distinct from others if you possess those limited firearms like AUG A3, Groza, AWM, or Mk14. However, you may encounter the monster in the station.

Monster in Metro
Monster in Metro

You don’t have to stay guarded all the time since there are deserted stations where nothing or no one could harm you. However, you better get prepared all the time in case you encounter unexpected challenges.

How to win the game in Erangel Metro?

There is a whole strange world no matter how close you are with PUBG Mobile Season 16. Therefore, we would like to propose some tips during the fight that might help you win this ground.

  • Don’t be comfortable about where to land. You need to know what hotspots are and what are to wander around. Stations seem popular to drop at the beginning of the game, while hospitals and Pochinki usually impose high risks.
  • Loot things before exploring around. There are many potential spots around Metro for looting, so don’t rush into the station and fight.
    Always guard up with a sudden fight. Metro stations include many blind spots, hide-out, and so on. Therefore, always make sure that you come prepared.
  • Prepare to kill when trains stop. You might get somebody. And vice versa, don’t you dare to get off the train immediately when it stops. Looking around and detecting the situation are essential skills.
On the train of Metro station
On the train of Metro station
  • Get prepared with enough supplies, either you fight solo or in a group. The attitude is not counting on anybody but you.
  • It’s better to come to stations with a group, but you have to allocate the job and don’t walk in together at the same time.
  • Know about PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro clearly before starting the game. If you don’t want to take some time loading, why you get killed so suddenly
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