The new iOS 13 may become awesome experience for the iPhones and iPads, however, it seems to be a problem for PUBG Mobile and Fortnite gamers. PUBG Mobile is a hot survival game on iOS devices and it has been attracted a million players from around the world. Since the new iOS 13 is coming out, featuring the new text editing support that can leave a big influence on PUBG in-game controls.

The control operations in popular heavy games like Fortnite or PUBG are experiencing conflicts caused by the text editing support in iOS 13 version. Players have been warned by the game developers that they should not rush to update the current iOS version to iOS 13 due to a bug that is not suitable with 3-finger control operation in those games.

How does this text editing support feature in iOS 13 affect the PUBG controls?

This text editing feature has an effect on the game process when it pops up right on the game screen, even though there is no text field there. This will leave a big impact on many applications, especially for games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite that players often use three fingers on the screen, especially the first-person shooter games. Due to this serious issue, PUBG development team had to show a warning message in the game to all gamers.

How Does This Text Editing Support Feature in iOS 13 Affect The PUBG Controls?
How Does This Text Editing Support Feature in iOS 13 Affect The PUBG Controls?

Normally, when players play PUBG Mobile and Fortnite on phones, they are often required to use two fingers to point and move while their third one will do the shooting. This is normally obtained in the claw grip, and the text-editing gestures are now being brought up.

Fortunately, the fix for this bug will be coming out soon since both Fortnite and PUBG Mobile development teams are working with Apple. At the moment, to avoid this problem, players should not upgrade to iOS 13, and there is no possible method to put this feature out of action either for now. Below here is the official tweet of PUBG Mobile about this situation:

“Attention iOS players: iOS version 13 includes a new feature where touching the screen with 3 fingers simultaneously activates a new function. We are working with Apple on this issue, and encourage iOS users to consider how this may impact them before choosing to Update.”

The fix will be included in the forthcoming iOS 13.1, which is on September 24th. In iOS 13.1, 3-finger gestures will only be activated in more logical situations. For instance, players can only edit the text when the text is being shown. IOS 13.1 also permits the developers to customize the time and locations that these text editing operations are activated.

A number of PUBG and Fortnite gamers are still complaining about this problem on social networks. Even so, the game developers cannot do anything for them but wait until Apple releases the fix in iOS 13.1 Since there is no way to disable the text editing feature, the only thing you can do is to wait until iOS 13.1 to be released by Apple.


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