Matchmaking Enhancements in PUBG
Matchmaking Enhancements in PUBG

After receiving a lot of feedback relating to long matchmaking times from PUBG players in various areas, together with the problem about players being positioned in one or two maps frequently when utilizing Quick Join, the PUBG team has taken straight action to review the current matchmaking system and also carried out a research to find out which locations that the enhancements should be given to.

An update has been released to live servers featuring some enhancements to make the matchmaking times much better. All of those enhancements were based on the matchmaking analysis and the feedback of players.

Implemented changes in PUBG

General Matchmaking

  • Improved matchmaking times when separate maps are being chosen.
  • Already lessened the instances of never-ending matchmaking times on some maps.

Quick Join

  • The functionality got improved in order to distribute players all over the map much better when using Quick Join.
    • Players will be sent out into a lot of maps more consistently from now on.
    • Earlier, when using Quick Join, matchmaking would extremely favor matching the players into the most picked maps.

Keep in mind that Quick Join matchmaking times will perhaps develop a little bit because of the aforementioned changes to better map variety.

When the complexity of the matchmaking systems is increased, it will result in unexpected issues. Nevertheless, the development team of PUBG game made a decision on working hard on this problem, and they would give more improvements to ensure that all the matchmaking experience of players would become smoother.

The development team is only taking the first step to enhance the matchmaking system. All the enhancements above will not be the last solution. More of them will be coming out in the forthcoming time. You should stay tuned for them and remember to keep sending your feedback to the dev team and let them help you overcome all the in-game problems that you have experienced.


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