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The new map: Sanhok has already arrived in PUBG Mobile game. You can download it now and join it for an awesome adventure.

Sanhok – PUBG Mobile Game is already on, along with Erangel and Miramar. A new setting certainly brings challenges, but global PUBG gamers enjoy such competitiveness. The article will briefly show you the new map: Sanhok in PUBG game and overall gameplay.

PUBG Sanhok map is already on
PUBG Sanhok map is already on

Battlefield on Sanhok – PUBG Mobile Game

Overall situation in new PUBG Mobile Sanhok map

The map was on for the PC version of PUBG in 2018 and finally updated for the mobile version. Because of its compact size, it’s known as the PUBG savage. This map now is the most exciting spot among the three for intense firefights.

The nature in Sanhok appears in the tropical ecosystem. The more significant part of the island is a jungle where trees, bushes, and vast grass areas combine. In comparison with Erangel, it also bears more hills and sloped terrains. The battlefield includes four small islands connecting by bridges. Therefore, warriors must plan thoroughly about traveling.

Scenes in Sanhok Map show greeneries
Scenes in Sanhok Map show greeneries

Vision on the Sanhok map is clear most of the time since it displays daytime only. Recently, PUBG developers have added foggy to increase challenging quality. When it’s harder to locate enemies using vision, players must count on sounds or other enhanced visual facilities.

Even though the view is always bright, there are many hideout spots like thick grasses, bushes aside the roads. Vice versa, you must be careful with traveling around the islands since you cannot know who could shoot you dead while hiding in bushes or foggy coverage.

Sanhok is a group of 4 islands among which the largest lies to the east. The other two take up a half of the size and all three connect with each other by bridges.

Locations on Sanhok – PUBG Mobile game

Besides nature, there are other facilities around the islands. It’s crucial to choose the right drop spot since some players are dead before making time to loot anything. The area is 4×4. Sanhok is the smallest map sofar, in comparision with 8×8 Erangel, 8×8 Miramar and 6×6 Vikendi. As a result, it hosts fewer players and push the combat to the end faster.

Bootcamp is one of the famous spots to land. It contains multiple rooms and walls to help newcomers adapt to the game and prepare before getting shot. Bootcamp lies near the center, so traveling around takes less time than other drop-off destinations. Anyway, it would be best if you raised guard immediately when landing as enemies could be around anywhere and shoot you from mid-air.

Ruins or resorts are places that you can quickly encounter around islands on Sanhok. There is temple-like ruins in the island where you can loot pretty many weapons and ammo. In addition, the complexity of the building makes it a good hideout spot. However, you should be careful to land or wander around there since windows and gates in the ruined zone propose secret attacks.

Ruins in Sanhok, far from the center
Ruins in Sanhok, far from the center

Paradise resort offers a stunning scenery. However, when it comes to flat area and low building, hectic gunfights could be double harsh.

Travel around Sanhok – PUBG Mobile Game

The best way to move in Sanhok is on foot. The battlefield is just half of Ernagel, so it’s safer to sipe around. Players can make use of cars like sedans or pickup trucks to move around.

Using on-land vehicles

Vehicles are only useful when you enter towns or flat roads, so you don’t need them most of the time. However, it’s specifically helpful to cross bridges. A sedan could halt shooting that aims at you when you expose yourself in a long bridge alone.

In saving your time with driving, you must know the way and locations of bridges. There are a number of them around the island but some popular ones are:

  • Bridge in Painan town is located to the South of Bootcamp. Since it connects the two main islands in Sanhok map, the situation is intense there. You will find it dangerous but abundant on weapons.
  • Bridge in the middle of Ruins and Camp Alpha lies to the west. Since it leads to northwestern towns, there are sometimes strategic but also deserted. Through this bridge and the one between Tat Mok and Ha Tinh is a convenient way to the centre.
  • Bridge in the middle of Tat Mok and Ha Tinh will gather a lot of players. It directs to Paradise Resort and BootCamp where groups head to and loot.
  • Bridge between the Cave and Camp Charlie is to the south. It’s the fastest way to comeback to the intense fight if you got lost to the south part.

Sailing a boat

Because there is a river going around the battlefield, you can use a boat. It could be faster but also dangerous.

Because of its compact size, players cannot seek for safe zone and stay long like in Erangel. The flow always push you to a combat since people are crowded around. Besides, the circle in Sanhok also sinks in gradually and that force people to fight for their life or die.

Tips to win in the new battlefield

  • Find the drop spot carefully
  • Loot first then fight. There are plenty of basic weapons like hanguns, SMGs, AR weapons, med or armour to pick up at first minutes. Don’t wait for something good because you need to be well-prepared for sudden attacks
  • Always stay guarded. You might have been well hidden by bushes and complex building but enemies could hide somewhere to knock you out.
  • Identify locations to loot, hide and fire
  • Choose vehicles wisely, as well as weapons and accessories to live
  • Move quickly
  • Practice positioning and plan on how to travel around the map.

Best locations to hide

Witht terrain features in Sanhok – PUBG Mobile Game, it’s not hard to find a secret hiding spots. However, we’d like to propose some slots in:

  • Huts or ruined houses which are usually out of town
  • Crouch behind big rocks or plants which are convenient to hide and aim if you have got a good scope
  • Bushes or grass that are everywhere on the islands
  • Ruins where conplex architectures could confuse enterers. Besides, it imposes great vision to fire
  • Top of the houses which is high enough to look around, feel the approaching footsteps but unseenable to enemies

Best locations to shoot in Sanhok – PUBG Mobile Game

The best locations to shoot must hand attackers good view to suroundings but hide them from vission of others. Therefore, we suggest locations which are high, up to hills or on top of buildings that are surounded by tall grasses, bushes or walls.

Besides, it’s important that players can move around conveniently wihout being seen from that spot.

Hideout upon the hills
Hideout upon the hills

Best locations to land in PUBG Mobile Sanhok map

The landing zone should contains a wide range of things to loot while imposes certain safety. Hence, you can have time to parepare and survive before planing anything. Here are 3 options for you to choose from:

  • Risky areas but rewarding: ruins, resort, Quarry or bootcamp will contain a number of weapons, ammo and vehicles to help you prepare the best. However, you need to be act quick in these areas due to crowds
  • Low risks: coastal zones or out of the center areas will be less crowded, therefore, less risky. There are Dock, Ha Tinh, Ban Tai, Tambang and other towns far from the centre. Once you land there, your chance to survice will be higher but the resources are poor and it takes time to travel back to the intense areas
  • Medium areas: Tat Mok, Camp Alpha, Tambang will take you less time to move to the main zones. However, these areas are not so crowded so that you will have time to prepare.

How to download Sanhok map

Download Sanhok map APK

It’s so easy now when you want to get this map for PUBG Mobile game. You can go to the global trusted source – Google Play.

In case your device or your account didn’t get any update from Google, PUBG Sanhok Map APK is the next trustworthy source to count on. You can access this link to download , and it works for all Android devices.

Download through Tencent Gaming Buddy

When you use emulator to play the game, it’s easier to download the new map through emulator. Here are guide to do so on Tencent Gaming Buddy:

Step 1: Generate the emulator and log in with your account. You will get to choose the Mode on the first pop-up interface.

Click Select Mode in the game interface
Click Select Mode in the game interface

Step 2: now you are looking at the list of maps and Sanhok map is not yet available. You must download it. When you click there, the system will confirm with you again by a pop-up window. You must click “Yes” to complete the order. The map will take up 83M in your device so prepare for that.

Click tap to download to get the map
Click tap to download to get the map

Step 3: Observe the process on screen and make sure that the Internet connection is stable and the interface shows up still. When it finishes downloading, the map will appear with a lock if you are not yet at level 5. But if you way pass that stage, you can enjoy the map at once.

The map after downloading, and Miramar map is waiting to download
The map after downloading, and Miramar map is waiting to download

Are you excited to try your skills on the new map? It is promising in enhancing your fighting experience and testing your strategies. Let’s drop in that forest and fight your way to be the last man standing.

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