PUBG Mobile is such a famous game at present, and there is no denial about that. As you imagine that its popularity has touched peak levels recently. Therefore, Tencent games surely wants to make more money based on wide-ranging fan base with things like these: Elite Royale Pass, crates and items. They are all bought with currencies in PUBG Mobile and more other purchasable things.

PUBG Mobile Prime and PUBG Mobile Prime Plus are two kinds of subscriptions given by Tencent games, so they can make more money off of PUBG Mobile. Each of these subscriptions has its own advantages, offering to users. But both of them provides daily UC (the in-game currency), Royale Pass points, and so forth.

PUBG Mobile Prime Pack

About this pack, players will have the option to buy items utilizing BP rather than UC. However, you need to remember that all of the items you bought will not be forever yours, they can be 7-day items or 30-day items. You still need to spend UC on these items if you want to buy them permanently.

In addition to this, you will also get 5UC day-to-day, adding up to 150UC in a month.

Rs. 85 per month is the total amount of money you will pay for the PUBG Prime Pack. It could be a strong proposition for you because buying 150UC in the game itself would cost more than Rs. 85 in itself.

PUBG Mobile Prime Pack
PUBG Mobile Prime Pack

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus Pack

If you want to have better advantages, then you probably want to consider choosing the PUBG Mobile Prime Plus pack with the following benefits:

You can easily buy items using BP rather than using UC. In addition to this, feel free to buy permanent items with BP if you want. If you use PUBG Mobile Prime pack, you cannot buy permanent items with BP.

  • You will receive 20UC each day as well, adding up to 600UC in a month.
  • You will also receive 100RP points for each day as well as daily discounts on discrepant items.

More than that, once this pack is purchased, you will instantly receive interesting things, such as 300 UC, a classic crate coupon, a premium crate coupon, a rename card, and an advanced room creation card. Although this pack is priced at classic crate coupon, a premium crate coupon, a rename card, and an advanced room creation card, you can still get it for just Rs. 400 for the first month right away. If you think you are the person that will spend a lot of UC in PUBG Mobile, then don’t be more hesitant! Let’s go get this plus pack right now!

Obviously, Tencent and PUBG Mobile will get a lot of money from the new subscriptions. However, the packs still offer a great value proposition to them, and people can easily purchase Elite Royale Pass, or even achieve awesome stuff from opening many crates.


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