Before starting the game with, don’t forget to check out the privacy policy. What information you exchange for downloading PUBG Mobile games? is glad to bring you free space to download and update PUBG versions for all mobile devices. Parallel with releasing the free service. We also collect information from users.

Therefore, if you trust a regular place to get the latest gameplay, we recommend reading below privacy policy. Along with Terms of Use about, we hope you have a good time surfing.

What does collect?

We will collect information, including activity records and personal data that you expose during contact with the website.
The collecting can happen online and offline if you attend and win the prize we prepared for users. Also, the information when liking your social media will be tracked by us.

As you might see, logging into the website to get pubg download or not, you might at least declare Google Account or Facebook or Number. Starting from the first activity of you on this platform, you let us keep your ID.
We also manage your ID you register with the site and activate it here. Along with the history of your operation on, we made a database out of it.

To sum up, what we collect are:

  • Information that you input and relating data from channels you connect with during the use of the website
  • Data you declare when making a purchase, doing surveys, and getting gifts from the game, including address, name, nationality, age, genders, occupations, and alike.
  • You social account relating to the use in the app, website or PUBG Mobile Update

What happened with these data?

Firstly, we need to know your ID and manage relating information to continue your service. The system is based on what you provide to keep the ID verified, activated, or logged in whenever you want. If you have an account and want to log in from different devices, this information helps you do so.

Besides, records on your activities, age, and location, and so on help us to build informative data about service applications in real life. These data will go through analysis then encourage us to make necessary improvements.

For verification, we need the third parties to join hands. Therefore, necessary data for operation with the third parties also share with us. However, we are still the primary manager. Besides, the data might be exposed to a particular legislation act if the state authorizes the request.

What can you do with your data?

As long as you stay with us at, your information is under our watch. However, you have the right to know what we collect and record during that time. Moreover, you can change or delete what you already input by manually adjusting to the site or contacting us by email. We will always be honest about your data.

Also, we will update changes about privacy policy with the game so that you always have in mind what you are dealing with the game.

The Privacy Policy comes to termination when you deactivate the account for six months. Also, we might remove some data relating to sensitive information or of a specific group of users.

How does apply the privacy policy?

The Privacy Policy, along with terms of use, will apply to all users, except children under the state law. Children under 13 years old or maybe older, according to the law, cannot use the service here without guardians. If you notice we miscollect data from them, feel free to raise your voice.

Also, we would like you to know that the policy takes place immediately when:

  • Users create an account on the website, using your devices
  • Users participate in our surveys, competitions, and purchasing site on the game.
  • User purchase a special game card