PUBG Deston For Update 18.2 Has Appeared In A Trailer With Amazing Landscapes

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PUBG Deston map teases the eagerness of players through a trailer. Deston map will be playable in PUBG 18.2, giving a new vibe to the battles in the game.

PUBG Deston is a brand new map that will reach players on PUBG update 18.2 in June. The game itself has also just launched a trailer showing a sneak peek of the map. Deston is an 8vs8 map that will come into version 18.2 after an official launch. The release date of the map will be available soon and you can enjoy it with the new update in June.

PUBG new trailer shows the latest map Deston adding to update 18.2
PUBG new trailer shows the latest map Deston adding to update 18.2

New landscapes in PUBG Deston that make you eager to explore

Launching a new map like Deston can be great PUBG news for some players. The map will be big attention in the new update in PUBG 18.2. It is because it can refresh the gameplay and make the game more interesting.

As you can see from the sneak show of Deston in the trailer, there are some new amazing landscapes added to the map. For instance, there are marshes, skyscrapers, as well as the new sounds of new vehicles.

Unique landscapes in PUBG Deston map
Unique landscapes in PUBG Deston map

Besides, the map also allows you to drive some small boats to cross the marshes and join battles on the surface of the water. Your gaming experience will be much enhanced and more interesting.

One of the major changes in PUBG game is this map adds unique skyscrapers. Hence, you can feel the speed of the game. These locations are well made with exclusive architecture. This is also the first time the developers put the verticality and higher structures to a test in the game.

Why should you join the battlegrounds on the Deston map?

PUBG Deston map experiences diverse effects that make the battles of players more amazing. You have to make lots of movements and explore various locations as you are in the fight. This improves your strategies as well as the way you play the game, giving you a higher chance to win.

The new map aims to define the game with a new appearance to draw more attention from players. This is also the main goal of the developers when they decided to release a new map.

Although there was already a variety of maps with nice gameplay mechanics and environments, this latest map – Deston should be still a must-try. It symbolizes a city with full modern equipment, bringing a new vibe to the battlegrounds to improve players’ experience.

PUBG 18.2 release date is unknown yet. However, players are already feeling delighted to explore the new PUBG Deston map. Stick to the news and get yourself updated on the release of the map!

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