PUBG Dev Team Releases Survivor
PUBG Dev Team Releases Survivor Pass Season 3: Wild Card

The third season of Survivor Pass is finally out! The PUBG dev team is so excited to make public about the release of their PUBG Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card that provides players with brand new cosmetic items, a spy file theme, and interesting missions to carry out. They are bringing some style to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with Survivor Pass 3. Players can fly into their preferred map dressed to kill!

Details about Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card in PUBG

Wild Card shares the same operation as former Survivor Passes, along with the main mass letting all players gain rewards for free. In case you want to approach more rewards, which even include some new cosmetic pieces, you should feel comfortable to buy the Premium Survivor Pass for $9.99. By doing so, the Floral Bomber Jacket item is given to you, and also, you can easily check out extra rewards to accomplish premium missions.

Try your hardest to finish as much of the pass as you can within 10 weeks, you should gain rewards and coupons when you obtain new levels. With every level you increase, you will achieve either a Blue, Yellow, or White coupon. The coupon can be used for trading with random crate keys in the Coupon Shop. If you don’t want to join that or just want to boost your current level, you can easily buy the level packs again, which instantly brings you the rewards from those levels.

Aside from the work done on Survivor Passes, the development team of PUBG game also said that they have just modified the difficulty of missions and added a brand new series of challenge missions focusing on your capabilities with some weapons. If you want to get a special skin for that weapon, you must finish these missions as fast as possible. All of the missions must be done if you are searching for a stylish new way to prove your Tommy Gun, Beryl M762, S686, UMP45, or M16A4 skills!

Don’t forget to miss out a chance to explore Survivor Pass: Wild Card that extends until 7 PM PDT on June 4th. If you want to have a better grasp of it, just visit Survivor Pass Microsite


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