PUBG Lite Open Beta Will Be Available On August 8!

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PUBG Lite Open Beta will be available on August 8! It's easy and free to play Battle Royale PUBG Lite game throughout more than 16 countries! Hope you enjoyed!

Get ready to enjoy Open Beta PUBG Lite!

PUBG Lite is a lighter version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It was first released in a few certain nations. Developers determined to expand the beta test phase by allowing everybody to get entry to the gamer server, from over 16 countries. In the recent news, they announced two important items that would make PUBG Lite players extremely excited, including:

  • The release date of Open Beta on August 8
  • And, the presence of Team Deathmatch or PUBG Lite 4v4 Mode
PUBG Lite Open Beta Will Be Available On August 8
PUBG Lite Open Beta Will Be Available On August 8

In other words, you will have the chance to explore PUBG Lite new maps and an amazing match against multiple enemies without paying a penny.

PUBG Lite is a cool plan known as Project Thai, representing Thailand. Therefore, the game was initially kicked off in Thailand for testing. Nevertheless, the development team has decided o roll out PUBG Lite in every region and they will not restrict the server access. But, PUBG Lite is still in Beta. It means that users can face bugs and issues during gameplay. PUBG Lite developers informed officially via their Facebook.

Note! The latest PUBG Mobile Lite update finally comes out! It’s completely simple to play PUBG Mobile Lite India! If you are also a fan of survival horror matched and you are living in the territory in southern Asia, you can start to download PUBG Mobile Lite from now on!

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