PUBG Mobile is ready to be accessible on both Google Play and the App Store. If you have been dying for the mobile version of PUBG game, make sure you will not skip this chance to explore PUBG Mobile. This edition features a wonderful gameplay mode called Zombie which is a part of the collaboration with the famous horror film: Resident Evil 2 Remake. After introducing this mode in the beta limited version, finally, Tencent officially launches it to allow all gamers worldwide to experience this wonderful game mode.

All servers of PUBG game were already under maintenance to be ready for the landing of PUBG Mobile 0.11.0. This new version will be available on Google Play and the App Store. In addition to this, the long-awaited game mode – Zombie, with the official title Zombie: Survive Till Dawn, will be also making its arrival in PUBG 0.11 PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode can be one of the best PUBG Updates that shouldn’t be ignored. Let’s check it out!

About the gameplay of PUBG Zombie Mode

PUBG Zombie Mode still allows the players to jump down onto the map Erangel using their parachutes and they must fight for a chance of becoming the last player standing. However, the gamers will have to struggle with a much more frightening match when they can only work in a certain area rather than descending on any locations on the map, which accelerates the rhythm of the game. The most interesting thing about this mode is that players will not only face off against their real human opponents, but they also come across a much scarier thing called Zombie. There will be hordes of zombies threatening the lives of the survivors.

The Zombie in PUBG Mobile is so diverse, ranging from slow zombies that are easy to wipe out, the fast ones that can rush straightly to the players with a crazy speed, the giant zombies with the ability of taking massive damage, to the disgusting creatures coming from Resident Evil 2, like Tyrant or Licker. These creatures promise to cover the whole game with extreme obsession and fear. The gamers must go collect two specific weapons by defeating the Boss, and they are Flamethrower and 6-barreled machine gun, then, use these weapons to face off against those creatures. Both of the weapons are able to deal damage to huge areas, making sure that the hordes of zombies will be completely defeated rapidly.

Other content in Update 0.11

Update 0.11 also brings some awesome content to the gamers:

  • Added the Moonlight environment to Vikendi
  • Added Spaces – the location where all the information and the relationship of the gamers will be displayed. Spaces allow the players to pick one friend that has Synergy 400 or more than that to stick with each other in Space.
  • Event Pandemic Treasure with the rewards of the outfits from Resident Evils 2
  • Event Anniversary Treasure with many rare items and equipment.
  • Added menu theme and the soundtrack of Resident Evil 2
  • Sanhok makes its appearance in Arcade – Quick Match
  • SMG and Assault Rifles War Mode start with a doubled amount of ammo.
  • Added emotes and anniversary avatars.
  • Added several
  • Add new titles: # 1/100 “(permanent) and” Survivor “(time limit)
  • In addition, this updated version will keep the past achievements within a recent month of the players.

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