PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Updated With New Gun G36C

PUBG Mobile Publisher Aurora PUBG Mobile ItemsPUBG News, PUBG Update PUBG Mobile Published21 March, 2019

PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 is an interesting version for Android and iOS platforms, updated with a new gun G36C. Play PUBG Mobile and check out its features right now!

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PUBG Mobile Update 0.11.5 & G36C

PUBG Mobile is a cool game which is upgraded constantly. 0.11.5 is one of the current updates for the real PUBG game going mobile on Android and iOS devices. According to official patch notes from Tencent, the in-game download also supplies the new gun or the G36C rifle. In other words, the G36C is an exclusive weapon to Sanhok, a smaller Erangel in PUBG Android. It is considered a beast in tight spaces. In addition, it’s possible to find other active weather features, another vehicle for the Sanhok map, and many more items. It’s available to explore every detail below!

Royale Pass

It is the first part of the fun release for your favorite PUBG download game.

  • Here, you or any player will be able to check out RP rankings of the whole area and your buddies without efforts from the Royale Pass page.
  • Elite Pass Plus purchase has extra prizes, along with immediately obtaining 25 ranks.
  • Weekly challenges for fans of PUBG Android game will bring back more points if you conquer them. Meanwhile, point rewards can be achieved with just tap.

Anniversary days

They are amazing events that those who love PUBG iOS game should join.

  • Get ready to discover Birthday parties on Spawn Island and become the top character in PUBG Mobile! Set alight fireworks and embark on searching for crates within battles!
  • Do not forget to unbolt gained boxes after each match to acquire gifts! Note that anniversary is a crucial piece of PUBG Mobile Season 6!
  • Besides, swiftly look for randomly appeared birthday cakes somewhere across the map for a surprise!

General additions

Aside from everything listed above, we will be given many interesting objects once you download and install PUBG Mobile!

  • Lively weather has been added to two maps, Erangel and Miramar.
  • More importantly, we will have the chance to experience another tool called G36C rifle. It can fire 5.56mm rounds. You can equip it with stocks. It is chosen to take the place of SCARL in Vikendi.
  • Tukshai is a unique means which has popped up on Sanhok. It is a three-wheel bus. It replaces Jeep, Dacia, and Mini Bus.
  • Subscriptions will be released into PUBG Download in early April. There are two plans, Prime and Prime Plus. They will arrive with free daily UC, Royale Pass scores, daily 80% discount on crates, bought from the shop with BP, and so on. Benefits from those will be put together.
  • If you or anybody in PUBG iOS game cannot occupy items above a specific quality several times in a row at the shop, you will attain vouchers. Titles or achievements related to bad luck will be added.
  • “Room Card: 1Use” in the Clan Shop has been changed to 1 purchase every 10 days. A robot avatar will be visible in the Clan system.

Version 0.11.5 is an update in PUBG Mobile. So, you should not be testing your App Store or Google Play patch collections to download it. Instead of that, you will launch PUBG Mobile and wait for the small download until it is installed. Although it’s probably slightly slow while the patch activates across regions, the process must mostly end by the time of publication.

Since March 21, Season 6 will be opened to all survivors in PUBG download to celebrate the app’s one-year anniversary where every player can engage in matches to dig themed cosmetics. To PUBG Mobile, G36C and Tukshai are valuable additions. You will spot more changes in them when Season 6 starts.

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