PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 With Royale Pass Season 7 and A New Gun Skorpion

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PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 brings you a new awesome weapon called Skorpion – another SMG game with high damage and plenty of advantages. Check it out now!

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PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 will launch new weapons in most of the existing maps, including Royale Pass Season 7. The news gets even hotter when global fans know about the new Skorpion – an SMG with effective destruction.

The update 0.12.5 of PUBG Mobile will include both upgraded features and weapons. When the season starts, every player can try the new firearm. However, why not take a glimpse of what it brings from now. 

Skorpion is an SMG that hosts 20 bullets. As reported, the firearm dishes out the destruction that can kill enemies in a shot. With its handy size and customization ability, it will soon become one of PUBG weapons.

Along with the launch of Skorpion, G36C Assault Rifle will be on all maps except Vikendi. Its limitation rule is off starting with an update of PUBG Mobile 0.12.

The fresh presence of these two destructive guns will be the most attractive news to global PUBG fans. And for sure, its contribution will add up table-turn developments.

A new weapon so-called Skorpion, will be in PUBG Mobile 0.12.5
A new weapon so-called Skorpion, will be in PUBG Mobile 0.12.5

Details about PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 and the new weapon – Skorpion

G36C Assault Rifle is no longer one of the new weapons since players might bump into it last season. But unfortunately, you will see it more, in all maps except Vikendi.

The star of PUBG weapons this season is Skorpion. It works as a submachine gun with 9mm bullets. The capacity of holding 20 shots at a time will be a deadly threat to enemies.

Skorpion is a Pistol gun, but we are considering it no less than an SMG. It operates with 20 capsules as standard but players can level it up to 40 capsules. 

The gun is categorized in base damage 22. The bullet travels at 350 m/s, and the damage rate is 312 per second if it hits the target.

We suggest to use it for short distances since the effective range of Skorpion is 50m.

Skorpion new gun in PUBG Mobile game
Skorpion new gun in PUBG Mobile game

Skorpion, when released, will be the best of current SMGs. You must gear up with SR and DMR.

Players can maximize their capacity using tock, handle, silencer and laser to work at night. Skorpion works manually or automatically, depending on the owner’s option. To make sure of your choice, players can test the gun in advance in the training.

This new weapon will join the team in PUBG 0.12.5. You should check the release date and soon try this unique item. Royale Pass season 6 will close up in 15th May and then come the season 7 in 16th, along with the PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 release. But before that, you can download PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 beta from now so why waiting? Let’s start your challenge earlier and share with us!

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