PUBG Mobile 2 is Released in 2021 With Many New Features! Can It Beat Up Free Fire?

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PUBG Mobile 2 is said to be released right in this year 2021 by a lot of sources. This new generation of PUBG is gonna explosive with its new features!

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Many trusted source said that PUBG Mobile 2 is going to be launched right in this year 2021. Will this new generation of this game is gonna make an explosion? What are the new features and updates does this version have? Let’s check it out right now!

Is PUBG Mobile 2 which released in 2021 a confirmed news?

The year 2020 has seen the remarkable development of the world mobile gaming market. It sounds contradictory, but this success partly comes from the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially for PUBG Mobile, as well as the parent company of this game, which generated more than two point six billion dollars in revenue from just only this game in 2020. Currently, the company’s value is at a whopping 27, 2 billion dollars – one of the largest companies in the world.

Will PUBG 2 beat up Free Fire?
Will PUBG 2 beat up Free Fire?

The company’s CEO, Kim Chang-han, has just revealed that they will be releasing another battle royale game in 2021 for the mobile platform and will depend on the main story of PUBG. According to reliable sources, the game will be PUBG Mobile 2.0, the sequel to its previous game. PC version and Console versions are scheduled for release in 2022.

PUBG latest update will  have a lot of new features!
PUBG latest update will have a lot of new features!

In addition, this publisher will also bring gamers a new survival game with the theme of science fiction on the PC platform, The Callisto Protocol, developed in the PUBG universe (set 30 years after PUBG). According to PlayerIGN, one of the reliable sources of PUBG has also posted on Twitter about this project. So the PUBG Mobile 2 release date will be a day in 2021, depending on the game developers.

Are you all looking forward to Battlegrounds 2.0?

Are you all waiting for this this next generation?
Are you all waiting for this this next generation?

Accordingly, PUBG Mobile 2 is expected to be launched this year (2021). And the PUBG 2 PC and Console version will be released a year later, in 2022. So, after the success of PUBG Mobile, especially PUBG Mobile on PC, PUBG Mobile 2 will be released first, completely opposite to the first game of this series. Finally, PUBG’s newest map, Karakin, will be released in PUBG Mobile on the January 22 update.

Although PUBG Mobile 2 has confirmed up to 95%, the rest will still need to wait for the official announcement to be broadcast from the publisher. With this second version whether it will defeat the power of Free Fire or not, the answer remains an unpredictable one. Finally, PUBG Mobile latest update is going to make an explosion. And become a big hit to players all around the world.

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