Another PUBG Update is getting ready to be out! Tencent has made an announcement on launching a new update featuring some new contents to better the gaming experience for all players, after bringing in a new weapon – G36C rifle, Tukshai vehicle, a dynamic weather system with PUBG Mobile Beta v0.11.5, and Royale Pass Season 6 Update. Now, PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0 will be rolled out bringing a new companion “pet” system, new “Darkest Night” Zombie mode, some changes made to the “Survive Till Dawn” Zombie mode, a new RPG weapon, liquid nitrogen grenade, jungle0style double magazines as well as brand new zombies that are more disgusting.

New updates in PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0

You can find out all the official changes as follows:

  • New Feature: MugenSpace / Infinity:
    • Takes the place of Event mode
    • Survive Till Dawn is under Expansions at the moment.
    • Further nee modes will be included in the upcoming time.
    • New Infinity Mode: Darkest Night
      • You have to get through one night as you attempt to fight off zombies.
      • The teams that survive until the end at dawn will win the battle.
  • New Feature: Companion System:
    • Feel free to bring a companion with you into battle.
    • The enemies are unable to spot them, you don’t need to concern about the dangers you may face in the battle.
    • By bringing the pets into the battle with you, you will gain Companion EXP. Make sure you level them up for unlocking Companion emotes.
  • Survive Till Dawn Improvements:
    • Stun Grenades will now have an impact on zombies
    • PUBG Mobile now also contains Liquid Nitrogen Grenades which can be used to halt the foes as well as reduce their movement speed.
    • Included jumping zombies and zombie dogs in the game.
    • Some zombies can easily climb over low walls or they can even climb onto the roof.
    • Attached RPG-7 and Jungle Style Magazines to the game.
    • Now you can use flamethrowers to deal more damage.
    • M134 handling was already altered.
    • Now, zombies will move at a slower speed after getting hit by firearms.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Already fixed a bug where the hair was not exhibited in a proper way when equipped with certain headgear.
    • Already made a fix to a bug in which Season 6 Pants making graphics malfunction in certain footgear.
    • Already fixed a bug where doors were not exhibited in a proper way.
    • Fixed a bug where players can get stuck in some buildings in some places.

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Are you excited about this feature – the company system – in PUBG Mobile? It must be the most awesome feature you will never want to miss! For your information, the companions are known as the pets you can take with you into the battle. For now, the game features only two, which are Eagle and Kite. You can turn them into your companions! They have 7 levels that need to be improved through over time. You must spend 10,000 XP to keep them upgraded and you need to unlock more animations for them. You will find it nearly impossible to search for XP mechanics of the Companions, but since this is a Beta, you will be able to get access to a “foot crate” option to keep the level of your pet increased. During the battle, your companion only starts to fly whenever you are prone. No enemies can spot your pet, which does not have an influence on the gameplay.

The current animations are filled with bugs and very jittery. You can easily put the companion feature out of the action by detaching it, in cause a bird is sitting on your shoulder distracting while you are trying to fire AK47 bullets to the virtual opponents.

Zombie Mode Changes

Resident  Evil: Survive Till Dawn Zombie mode now also includes some new weapons and characters. Feel free to use a nice weapon called rocket launcher in the form of the RPG-7. The weapon seems to be more overpowered in terms of damage, coming with 6 rockets and iron sights. Nevertheless, since RPG-7 is kind of limited to this zombie mode, the gameplay in the standard modes will not put up with any bad effects.

Make use of the new weapons in Zombie Mode
Make use of the new weapons in Zombie Mode

Aside from RPG-7, you can also get access to other new weapons, like an explosive crossbow shooting arrows exploding on impact, a liquid nitrogen mine you can throw in order to make the targets move more slowly within a scope of mine, and another one you can use is a new jungle mag attachment which is the same as a double extended magazine that can load in 60 bullets instead of just 30 mag. It can be added to the ARs, but make sure that it will not be attached to DMRs or the S12K. Several reports have been given out by the players, saying that they can only find this new attachment in the elite zombie drops.

Unlock "Darkest Night"/"Survive until the Rescue Arrives" in Zombie Mode
Unlock “Darkest Night”/”Survive until the Rescue Arrives” in Zombie Mode

Unlock “Darkest Night”/”Survive until the Rescue Arrives” in Zombie Mode

Once you have reached level 5 for the zombie modes and killed multiple zombies, feel free to unlock “Darkest Night” “Survive until the Rescue Arrives” which is a new zombie mode. You will be taken to a random place on the Erangel map where you have to slay all enemies and zombies for your ultimate survival until the extraction crews come. You are unable to take your leave from the building at night because of the poisonous gas decreasing your health.

Other alterations

Feel free to adjust the Red Dot, Holo Sight, 2X, and 3X zoom reticles using plenty of colors and shapes. You will get access to further options for other zoom levels when this feature turns to be stable. More than that, you are totally able to choose your favorite color when modifying the hip-fire crosshair.

More options for your customizations in PUBG Mobile
More options for your customizations in PUBG Mobile

You can easily observe your friends from the lobby and if you don’t want to use this feature, you can disable it.

When you watch over the foes (after they have killed you), just feel free to send them friend requests if you want.

Now, the lobby image features in the inventory panel, implying that more lobby themes or lobby images will be included as a part of extra and buyable crate content.  

The Quick Chat panel is undergoing a rework, making it easy to give commands and cover a part of the display. In addition, the Portable Closet is also experiencing a similar rework.

When players open the doors, the animation employs the character’s hands to push the doors open instead of using sheer willpower to open them.

Download PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0

If you are curious about the latest Beta for PUBG Android/iOS devices, make sure you click the link below to download it!

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Feel free to install the Beta version with the stable release. Of course, there will be some bugs and performance issues you will go through during the game since this is just a beta version for now. However, now you can easily report the issues by using the Report button in the top-right during matches, or click the button in the bottom-right corner of the main menu then select Report.


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