PUBG Mobile Beta V0.12.0 Has Revealed Updates And Alternations

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What’s new in PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0? Download this beta version now to explore new contents, such as a companion pet, zombie mode changes, etc.

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PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0 offers such game-changer features. Added pet and Zombie will change your general plan. And don’t be so fast with brainstorming as many other updates are up for this version. PUBG Mobile beta v0.11.5 has already been a hit when Tencent upgraded its weapon collection with the new-fashioned rifle G36C, versatile Tukshai, and challenging weather setting. We believe that all of us had had a blast in season 6.

In the upcoming PUBG update, all of these features, including Royale Pass, will be added with more astounding items. Your companion will soon welcome a pet. And, the game will be so much more difficult with Zombie and Darkest Night mode.

Download the latest beta for PUBG Android/iOS now and enjoy the novel thrill!

You might have experienced the “Survive Till Dawn,” but the new one shows slight differences. The new-look will make you uncomfortable because of its vivid effect.

Also, fighting in harsher conditions, you are supposed to access the new RPG, grenades with deadly liquid nitrogen, and magazines. To sum up, you will be on the ninth cloud playing the PUBG Mobile v0.12.0 patch notes.

New updates in PUBG Mobile beta v0.12.0

To perform well in the experimental version, players must know what has changed. And lucky you, we’ve summarized here all new points about the up-releasing combat.

PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0 newborn features include MugenSpace and Companion system. Let’s dig deeper into each of them.

MugenSpace, or so-called Infinity, happens in the Event mode only, so you must activate that section to try it. In this game, players will experience longer Survive Till Dawn and the utterly fresh start with Darkest Night – the heated fight we mentioned above. In Darkest Night, players will cross a Zombie area with complete darkness. The winner will be the survivor at dawn. And this battle will develop more in the future on which you should keep your eyes.

Companion System is a fresh management style where the game permits players to match with a companion. It won’t add up your jobs since the enemies couldn’t spot or harm it. When you fight with a pet, you have a chance to gain EXP and then unlock Companion emotes.

Improvements are not all about bug fixes but also in Survive Till Dawn combat. In this smoky game, the Zombies you will confront has been to a new level. They can climb over the walls or on the roof. Besides, you will bump into jumping and dog zombies. Fighting against more formidable enemies opens a chance to hand on the modern weapon. Starting from now, Stun grenades will affect Zombie’s capacity, whereas flamethrowers booms in destruction. Firearms and new Liquid Nitrogen Grenades now can slow them down. Furthermore, the new weapon collection welcomes a new handle in M314, RPG-7, and a magazine in Jungle style.

Bug fixes are a significant change for the new game into the bargain. Graphics on hair, pants, and doors have been updated from feedback about last season. Accidentally stuck in a random building will no longer happen.



Pets or companions in the game now include only Eagle and Kite. You can pick either of them to companion you into the combat.

At the moment, it’s just about the look, and your pet cannot help yet during the battle. In return, they are visible only to you and take care of themselves when you are in danger.

Each pet will grow through 7 levels that the player must gain over time. Players need to collect 10000 XP for the pet up-gradation and unlock animations.

Collecting XP is a pain in other PUBG games but not Beta. In the PUBG Mobile v0.12.0 patch notes, you can keep leveling up your pet using foot crates.

Take your companion into the battle with you in PUBG Mobile
Take your companion into the battle with you in PUBG Mobile
Take your companion into the battle with you in PUBG Mobile
Take your companion into the battle with you in PUBG Mobile

Players can attach or detach animation from the pet during the game. They will be nice to be with you but try to make them compatible with your weapons.

Zombie mode changes

The game on Resident Evil: Survive Till Dawn in Zombie starts the current season with more destructible weapons.

The first to mention must be the RPG-7 rocket launcher. It’s now more powerful to help you out in the intense fights with Zombie. You’ll have six rockets and an added iron sight to tackle zombies nicely, and the system has fixed all harmful effects.

Make use of the new weapons in Zombie Mode
Make use of the new weapons in Zombie Mode

The new weapon storage welcomes explosive arrows, liquid nitrogen grenades, and newfangled jungle magazines. These are all effective in slowing Zombie down.

The best updates must be the magazine with 60 bullets- a doubled number. You can add them to other firearms, including ARs, but not DMRs or S12Ks. At the moment, we’re not sure that players can have it at the beginning of the game or from looting in elite zombie drops.

Unlock "Darkest Night"/"Survive until the Rescue Arrives" in Zombie Mode
Unlock “Darkest Night”/”Survive until the Rescue Arrives” in Zombie Mode

When you pass level 5 of Survive Till Dawn, the Darkest Night will appear in your options bar. It happens in a site on Erangel where you’re locked with Zombies everywhere. The rescue team comes only at dawn, and until then, you’re hanging by a single hair. Don’t even think about leaving the site since player health has decreased.

Other alterations

It’s now easier to customize your look with multiple color choices. The better you perform, the more stable it becomes. Even the lobby look now is variant.

More options for your customizations in PUBG Mobile
More options for your customizations in PUBG Mobile

Your community circle will enlarge. The game enables you to see people in the Lobby and send a friend request to other players.

The quick Chat feature is under repair, so you’re supposed to enjoy a better info delivery system in the upcoming game. Portable Closet is expected to be better soon.

Character hand movement on opening the door looks better in the latest Beta for PUBG Android/iOS.

Download PUBG Mobile beta v0.12.0

Get the latest beta for PUBG Android/iOS and enjoy the PUBG Mobile beta v0.12.0 new features today!

Modern features cannot wait for you to explore. There are bugs and issues expected, but this beta version will continue to develop. Don’t hesitate to contact us for feedback using the Report button on the top-right screen.

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