How To Play Duo Or Squad Mode In PUBG Mobile For Beginners!

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PUBG Mobile Duo or Squad Mode is an exciting feature in this game. But if your team wants to win in this mode, you need to know some tips to play smartly

PUBG Mobile Duo or Squad Mode is an interesting feature in this game. But if your team wants to become the winner in this mode, you need to know more about some tips or tricks to play smartly. Duo or Squad mode is quite difficult, but if you know this strategy, it won’t be a problem!

What is PUBG Mobile Duo or Squad Mode?

Duo/Squad Mode in PUBG Mobile
Duo/Squad Mode in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Duo or Squad mode in the form of a team of 2 people (Duo) or 4 people (Squad) has never been easy. Because it requires many coordination and smart strategies. But remember all the below information, and you will get a higher chance to win!

In fact, the duo or squad mode in the PUBG Mobile is the way to distinguish it from solo mode. Playing with 2 or more people and participating in the team, try to survive till the end is called Duo/Squad Mode.

Accordingly, in the game PUBG Mobile, the team mode consists of two main forms, divided by the number of participants, namely Duo (2 people) and Squad (4 people). This is also the form found in most games of the same battle royale game today.

Guide to form a team in Duo/Squad Mode

Building a team in PUBG Mobile is extremely fun
Building a team in PUBG Mobile is extremely fun

The gameplay between Duo and Squad is no different but the number of participants.

  • By opening the Chat channel you will see invitations to join teams of other players. Click Join to join that team (by 2 or 4 people).
  • Gamers create teams by themselves, join teams by inviting other players. They invite friends – who they have known clearly.

When enough people will join the match with other teams. Duo mode will have up to 50 teams in a match. Squad form has a maximum of 25 teams in a match.

Strategy play PUBG Mobile squad mode to win

The game shows smart strategies through the coordination between each member. So how does your team get to the top one easier? It’s not just having good skills that you can win, but it demands more for your team to become the last survivor.

Choose to pair with the right people

Choose to build a team with someone fimilar to you
Choose to build a team with someone fimilar to you

The first thing you need to keep in mind that, in team game mode, choose your suitable comrades to fight with. It seems unimportant, but it is a decisive factor in the team’s playstyle. If you used to play with friends and understand each other’s ideas, coordinate smoothly, you should choose them without thinking too much.

Playing PUBG Mobile in team fighting mode with someone you knew earlier, getting along well with each other will be very beneficial in the battle. All team must agree to choose where to parachute, where to hide, when to use a bomb or when to kill enemies,…All of the decisions need to be discussed and take into action quickly!

Parachuting in a suitable place

Parachute in a place where have a lot of items
Parachute in a place where have a lot of items

Playing with 2 people (Duo) or playing with 4 people (squad) in PUBG Mobile is in need of a lot of items. When the number of people is large, your team needs a large amount of equipment. An inappropriate place is difficult to meet the needs of your team, for example, high-class equipment (level 3, weapon accessories …).

So how to determine where to have many items on the map? This can be determined based on your playing experience. But you can rely on the terrain when parachuting. Your team can choose places that gather many objects such as houses, containers, shooting ranges… In general, these must be places that large enough to gather enough objects for the team. A leader should choose a suitable place for his team to loot items!

How to get an Airdrop

Getting an Airdrop is very useful for your team
Getting an Airdrop is very useful for your team

PUBG Mobile gamers also want to get more Airdrop boxes because it contains the most “VIP” items. With team play, it is even more important to have items in the Airdrop to increase the team’s strength. Items such as clothes level 3, AWM, M249, Groza, AUG A3 or costume clothes (grass set, monkey set)… are always needed.

Airdrops are always very attractive, but also a death place for many other teams because by all means, they will try to steal everything they can. Fighting is inevitable. However, if there is good coordination between teammates, they will easily get Airdrop.

Coordinate combat smoothly

This is the most essential thing in the PUBG Mobile team duo/squad mode, which determines the survival of the team. If your team has people who know each other before, have played and understood each other, it is an advantage. But if it is auto-matching, it will be more difficult. However, you still have the means of communication that you can use the microphone (voice chat) to exchange information. You can know each other’s ideas, discuss and give a reasonable fighting style.

Combining good fighting in the PUBG Mobile game manifests in many aspects and actions in the game. Teammates need to protect each other, reviving the squad, share items with each other,…

Limit the conflict between members of the team

Try not to make war between members of the team
Try not to make war between members of the team

Playing PUBG Mobile game in duo/squad mode is difficult to avoid conflicts that occur between members. The contradiction arises when there are many strategies, many decisions but there is no conclusion. So, what you need to do is to keep the atmosphere really comfortable, without causing war and distrust. Conflict will ruin everything when everyone is not aiming for a goal or general target.

To win in the PUBG Mobile team form requires a combination of many factors, still very much luck. However, the rules mentioned above will help your team achieve success at a higher rate because those are the basic things that make a team with unanimity, teamwork and the same opinion.

Earning reward in Duo or Squad Mode

Winning the battle in the Duo mode of PUBG Mobile revolves around communication and coordination between the team members. Therefore, if you can ensure this, you and your teammates will fight more effectively and easily receive “Winner Chicken Dinner“.

Wish you and your teammates will become the last survivors! Don’t forget to follow the latest information about PUBG Mobile every day!

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