PUBG Mobile Emergency Pickup Is A Functional Gadget With Great Tips To Use

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PUBG Mobile 2.0 introduces Emergency Pickup item to players. It is a gadget that lets you and your teammates fly in the sky to reach a safe zone quickly

PUBG Mobile Emergency Pickup feature will give the battle royale experience a new spice. This feature has just been out for a while but it is already worth the usage. Since it is a new feature to explore in this PUBG Mobile 2.0, it is best for the players to know its usage.

Using Emergency Pickup to fly in the sky with your teammates
Using Emergency Pickup to fly in the sky with your teammates

What is Emergency Pickup Item in PUBG Mobile 2.0?

Emergency Pickup is a kind of new feature in PUBG Mobile 2.0. It functions like a gadget that you can purchase in the game. You will find it in some maps such as Unranked Erangel and Miramar.

Using this gadget to reach the safe zone in time in PUBG Mobile 2.0
Using this gadget to reach the safe zone in time in PUBG Mobile 2.0

Although it is a small gadget, it is still very functional for you to use. This gadget can carry up to four players and then help them reach the safe zone without taking much time. Therefore, it becomes a useful item for team play.

Using Emergency Pickup gadget is kind of simple

First of all, you need to find out the locations of this item and then you will learn how to operate it during your game. Once you have mastered it, you can use it to outplay your enemies.

Where to find Emergency Pickup item in PUBG Mobile 2.0

To search for this item in the game, you can find it in lots of resource locations across the map. At the moment, the item appears on Unranked Erangel and Miramar maps. Therefore, you need to choose one of these maps to play if you want to use this item.

Emergency Pickup Item functions on the ground to get you to the plane
Emergency Pickup Item functions on the ground to get you to the plane

Once you have found it, you can open it on the ground. Then, you open the Quick Item section to use it.

How to operate this gadget

It takes you 7 seconds to deploy this item. Due to that, you have to watch your surroundings in careful way before you can start using it.

The pack needs to be on the ground and then you can open it. It is because there will be a hot balloon launched. This balloon will lead your aircraft to the safe zone.

Since Emergency Pickup Item relates to hot balloon, you have to use it outside, not in a building or in a vehicle. After you have launched this gadget, you need to wait to get on the plane then the plane will take you and your teammates to the playing zone.

There is the Attack button that you see on the screen. You can press this button when you get on the plane because it allows you to connect the beacon during the waiting time before flying.

As you fly, you can also watch the minimap to locate the location that you want to reach. When you find it, you can jump out of the balloon to land.

Advantages of Emergency Pickup

Flying up in the sky in PUBG Mobile game is fun. It does not only let you enjoy a good view but also helps you spot enemies. This is a nice experience for you to have.

However, in case there is an enemy that spots you when they look in the sky, you need to land and get a safe cover. This protects you from their shots. Try to fly and watch the view carefully until you get to the safe zone.

Besides the item helping you fly and reach the safe zone, you can also use it to bait enemies. To do this, you need to camp your position in the middle of the safe zone.

Then, you can try launching a shot so the enemies reveal their location. When you know where your enemy is, you can fly using this gadget then land on them to shoot them.

Emergency Pickup in PUBG Mobile 2.0 is a good and useful item. When you know how to use it smartly, you can vanquish the challenges and get your win.

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