PUBG Mobile Extreme Hunt Mode: Become The First One To Play PUBG Patch 1.2!

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PUBG Mobile Extreme Hunt Mode is updated in PUBG Patch 1.2. Matrix Event in PUBG Mobile Extreme Hunt mode is very exciting if you want to challenge yourself.

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PUBG Mobile Extreme Hunt Mode in PUBG Mobile Patch 1.2 is launching. All players are welcomed to join and play this beta version. It is more like a Closed Alpha test at the present. It means you just can’t download the beta client the way you used to do. But all players want to download and play PUBG Mobile Extreme Hunt APK. And if you are lucky enough to get a peek at what is coming, you can play the Extreme Hunt Mode as much as you want. But if you take part in the test, you can play the game freely and try to find the problems in this version. Very easy, right? So here are the guidelines for those who want to try.

Take a look at PUBG Mobile Update 1.2 testing
Take a look at PUBG Mobile Update 1.2 testing

Guideline to download and play the PUBG Mobile Patch 1.2

If you really want to access patch 1.2, we will show you the way. Downloading PUBG Mobile 1.2 worldwide version update utilizing APK download link. Follow these steps to download PUBG Mobile Patch 1.2 Extreme Hunt Mode:

  1. The APK file of the PUBG Mobile 1.2 update is available at this link. The size of the APK File accounts for 613 MB. So before clients download it, make sure your devices have enough vacancy for the file.
  2. And remember, before downloading the game, one should allow the ‘Install from Unknown Source’ option, on the off chance that you haven’t allowed it yet. You can do it by going to Settings > Safety and Privacy > Allow Installation from Unknown Sources.
  3. After finishing downloading the APK file, you need to find and install the file of the PUBG Mobile 1.2 update.
  4. Open the game and download the pack afterward. The game can be played effectively, and the highlights will be updated as well. In the event that you run over a blunder while installing the APK file, you ought to download it again and follow the steps referenced previously.

India’s government doesn’t permit PUBG Mobile Extreme Hunt Mode. We advised that players in this country should follow the rule.

FAMAS is another weapon that has appeared in the update. It is another assault rifle included the Runic Power update. As indicated by the patch, the assault rifle is a Livik map select weapon and can be outfitted with a rifle Muzzle, Scope and a rifle Mag.

A simple way to become tester for PUBG Mobile Patch 1.2
A simple way to become tester for PUBG Mobile Patch 1.2

Extreme Hunt Mode in PUBG Mobile 1.2 Update will have a lot of new features!

PUBG Mobile Extreme Hunt Mode will take place on two maps: Erangel and Livik. There is already a great mix between those two. On these two maps currently exists the information to create a “Powered Exoskeleton.” As an increased protection type, you can make the chest, arms, and legs independently to acquire rewards like approaching damage reduction, higher melee damage, and another Sprint capacity. Prepared the entire set and you’ll even access the Dragon’s Breath Grenade. It sounds great, right?

The patch notes for the new mode have additionally uncovered that the FAMAS will utilize 5.56mm ammo and will be stacked with 25 rounds. The weapon is additionally scheduled to have the quickest pace of discharge among the rifles in the game.

Accessing a Powered Exoskeleton is a game mechanic all by itself. You’ll have to find not just the Nanocrystals needed to make each piece, however the Exoskeleton Blueprint too. You can’t make the thing without directions, all things considered. When you have the materials and information, drag them over to a Matrix Base to bits them together.

To offer everybody a good chance at making the cool new hardware, Extreme Hunt Mode permits every player to respawn a limit of two times with regular equipment. In team matches, respawns must be set off from a Research Station.

What is still a question to players?

Something that is less clear about the mode right presently is the “Matrix Event” mechanic. Three distinctive Matrix Events exist, each modifying the match in their ways. However we still have unclear descriptors for each, precisely how they work, when they kick in, or for how long isn’t clear at this time. This is our information about Matrix Event:

  • The first one, Matrix Event 1 is supposed to have the ability to improve regional supply output
  • The second one is Matrix Event 2 significantly boost Matrix Airdrop
  • Finally, Matrix Event 3 will uncover hiding players when you use it. Life Detectors become effective in Research Stations.

That last one is obvious, yet what provincial inventory yield identifies with or even the substance of Matrix Airdrops is far less clear by examination. On the off chance that Matrix Airdrops don’t contain Nano Crystals for Exoskeleton craftings, accept that they’re attached to regional supply output. How Matrix Airdrops vary to regular Airdrops in that circumstance, however, is similarly indistinct.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to reveal some additional insight into the Matrix Event mechanics. And if you want to share your gameplay experience or if you come across with any troubles while playing, contact us for help! Let’s grab some friends to play PUBG Mobile to have a relaxing time after a hard-working hour. PUBG Mobile Extreme Hunt mode is an exciting and thrilling mode for those who want to challenge themselves. Come and play right with your friends right now!

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