PUBG Mobile Fantastic Duo: tactical guidelines on how to grab Chicken Dinner

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PUBG Mobile Fantastic Duo will bring you a cozy festival in PUBG mobile. Other couples are working on it, too. What tips could help you prevail in this game?

PUBG Mobile Fantastic Duo is a new favorite mode when PUBG Mobile guides are out at the end of 2020. Players don’t have to fight solo anymore but match with another soldier to combat against other couples. The final goal of two “last standing men” is Chicken Dinner.

We propose you the ultimate PUBG Mobile Duo guides. The quick tips to win in Fantastic Duo will show you how to gain the best cooperation effect with your mate.

PUBG Mobile Fantastic Duo
PUBG Mobile Fantastic Duo

What skills do you need in PUBG mobile Fantastic Duo?

When working with teams, communication is the best way to bond. Fantastic Duo allows two people in a group, so communicating must be more comfortable, so make use of it.

The more you know about your mate, the better you can cooperate with him. And vice versa, don’t hesitate to let the mate know what you think.

It’s not fair to switch your partner every game since you must get to know each other all over again. Hence, we recommend sticking with a mate and try to harmonize together.

Teammates in Fantastic Duo
Teammates in Fantastic Duo

Communication in PUBG Mobile Fantastic Duo among two people is not only chatting. You must be clear about each other’s role in the game and try your best to back up the other. If you have time, it’s ideal to talk through scenarios and actions. The best team will be the one who can work together effectively.

Prepare some smoke bombs that could help you in covering up the other when danger approaches. Also, recommend the partner tips you’ve got. Until the end of the day, you two will share the Chicken Dinner, so be supportive!

How to boost your destruction?

You are having double destruction in PUBG Mobile Fantastic Duo if you go along with each other, so never separate. When you agree with the target, it’s important to focus all your fire on it. It would help if you had a strategy in advance or discussion on who does what. Finally, the destruction effect could be the best.

Duo in combat
Duo in combat

You are the eyes of each other. Combining all your senses and being a scout for each other can maximize your vision around.

Also, the best way to knock out a team is to break them off. You need to maintain the bond of your team while preventing others from supporting each other. For example, keep one busy while knocking out the other and don’t let them respawn.

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