PUBG Mobile Foggy Sanhok: How To Move Around, Aim and Combat Effectivel

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PUBG Mobile Foggy Sanhok brings in tough condition for all players. However, once you know how to get by this tricky land, the victory shouldn't be vague

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PUBG Mobile Foggy Sanhok escalates the difficulties with combat on the island. Sanhok initially shows danger and hardship, but the weather adds up to the limited vision. Thick fog in Sanhok circles up your vision in 3 to 5 meters, not to mention high bushes around this tropical land. As expected, you’ve stepped into the deadly battleground.

All players share the same difficulty you encounter. However, it’s time to show off your skills and prevail over other players. These tips and tricks in PUBG Mobile Foggy Sanhok may help with planning for the combat in Sanhok.

What do you need in PUBG Mobile Foggy Sanhok?

The optical limitation could prevent you from aiming or watching out for near-by threats. Hence, to avoid impending failure, the first thing to do is improving your vision.

A 6x optic will be the best for this battle. It would help if you carried it along and frequently used it like the casual 3x optic because the situation here is specific. The better you can see, the more likely you can win.

View Through 6x Optic
View Through 6x Optic

Enemies may not see you, but they can catch a glimpse of your gun’s light easily through the fog. Therefore, you must hide carefully using the flash hider.

Flash Hider
Flash Hider

Don’t forget that the PUBG guides have introduced the Frag Grenade. It’s used for a high toss, especially when you cannot see the target. As a result, it’s tailor-made for this combat.

Frag Grenade
Frag Grenade

What to pay attention to during the game?

Besides tactical equipment, you must be strategic with your plans. If you play in a team, don’t forget to make one a scout. The man will help the section watching around better, in order to enhance the vision.

In return, you and the team should protect the scout carefully. He knows angles and spots before the team makes the moves, so value his life as yours. The best way is to go along with him and back him up with a smoke grenade until the danger passes.

Protect your Teammates
Protect your Teammates

Always watch out for snakes under high bushes in Sanhok as they are deadly. Therefore, when the scout is watching around, you should help him by taking care of his blind spots.

Try to calculate distance from the sound of a gunshot. Your enemies may stay behind rocks and trees as you are doing, so try to use the scope to detect these directions. If the enemies have not yet equipped a flash hider, you can recognize them from the gun light.

Hide Behind Rocks or Trees
Hide Behind Rocks or Trees

You may want to fake stepping sounds to tempt your enemies. However, they may do the same to you.

Decreasing the brightness could help to reduce blind foggy vision.

The new PUBG maps always contain tricky features that astound new players. But, it makes the joy of PUBG games. Don’t forget to check out PUBG Mobile Foggy Sanhok guides to know precisely what the island offers. We also work on tips and guides for PUBG Mobile Fantastic Duo – even a challenging game by PUBG.

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