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PUBG Mobile for Android is the real Playerunknown's Battlegrounds game that you can play on devices. PUBG Android is available to play! Join the map and enjoy!

PUBG Mobile for Android welcomes global fans to download. Mobile phone users worldwide can find PUBG Android and iOS from trusted sources like the App Store or CH play. APK files are available to download so that everyone could experience the famous Battle Royale.

PUBG Mobile for Android

PUBG Mobile game is officially released for mobile devices, no matter which operating system. The reputational Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, aka PUBG, offers badass combat, beautiful graphics, and a global gaming circle. Get the app now and enjoy it with no penny!


It’s a Battle Royale style game but the best visual effect you could have seen. Players fight to be the last man standing on an abandoned island. There is a mixture of forest, factory, ruins, square, military bases, and the mountain where gunshot could happen unexpectedly.

Players must choose where to land off first and jump in by parachute. When you join, the game is happening. You cannot plan anything in advance but quickly loot weapons, vehicles, and accessories while getting ready to kill anyone at sight. It’s both intense and addictive.

PUBG Mobile Create Player
PUBG Mobile Create Player

Players can fight solo, join a team or match with another in duo mode. Whatever mode you choose, you must fight for your life. Everything changes every second, and the island itself sinks gradually. The best way to survive is to knock out enemies when you can, always in the mood to fight and take over the best weapons.

High-quality Graphics and HD Audio

PUBG Mobile download to Android provides stunning visual effects. It’s because of Unreal Engine 4. On Android devices, details appear rich and vivid.

The visual effect represents 3D, including the soundtrack for the surroundings. You can even hear the sound of water and wind blowing that all makes sense for intense gameplay.

PUBG mobile game keeps up on developing its graphics. The collection of skins and items elevates every season regarding the look. Hence, PUBG fans keep being so loyal in updating the game.

A fair gaming environment

Enabling the game on a mobile application opens a door for cheaters. However, PUBG iOS game and on Android platforms now attach with the anti-mechanism. The new tool helps loyal fans fight fair-play combats.

Requirements to get PUBG Mobile for Android

It’s so simple to get PUBG Android from Google Play. However, your device must present some features to perform the best:

  • PUBG is a battle among players online. To join that game, you need a stable Internet connection to follow the general developments.
  • You should play on a device with Android 5.1.1 or above with RAM 2GB or more. It’s the minimum guarantee for smooth gameplays.
  • The game can support a limited number of devices, around 500. However, it’s no requirements on the device models.

PUBG Mobile for Android will be the best option for most gamers since mobile devices have become so handy now. The best is that the latest features are already available to download. Let’s enjoy it now!

How to download PUBG Mobile on Android devices

PUBG Mobile is compatible with multiple operating systems from Android, iOS to Xbox One and Play Station. Better that that, players can enjoy them in maximum 4 devices.

We propose 5 methods to get the PUBG Mobile game for Android devices effortlessly. According to different situations, we’ve got:

  1. For devices which downloaded the game already on CH Play, you need to find it on the library of Game and App. For those who don’t know, the tab lies on the up left angle of the function bar.
  1. You can find them by Google search. The first link is about installed PUBG Mobile and it directs to the app on CH Play.
PUBG Mobile App on CH Play
PUBG Mobile App on CH Play
  1. The homepage of PUBG Mobile also offers internation games for all Android, iOS and APK
Download PUBG Android on PUBG Mobile's homepage
Download PUBG Android on PUBG Mobile’s homepage
  1. Download PUBG Mobile 1.2.0 APK here
APK PUBG Mobile Android 1.2.0
APK PUBG Mobile Android 1.2.0
  1. For Samsung Users, it’s convenient to search for PUBG Mobile in Galaxy Apps. Install when you find out about it.
Use Galaxy Apps to Download PUBG Mobile
Use Galaxy Apps to Download PUBG Mobile

PUBG on PC provides great graphics and the most comfortable gameplays. However, it’s undeniable that mobile version propose handy games that you can enjoy at any time, everywhere. Besides, the in-gam audio enables better communication for players in Squad or Duo mode.

If you want a quick game with friends, PUBG Android is one of astouding option to get away with. You don’t need bulky accessories to plan the virtual hang out but strategic PUBG can be anywhere as long as you have the mobile app.

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