PUBG Mobile Frost Festival 2020 is on with so many exciting snowy features

PUBG Mobile Publisher Acacia Frank PUBG Mobile ItemsPUBG Events, PUBG News, PUBG Update PUBG Mobile Published23 December, 2020

PUBG Mobile Frost Festival 2020 has started to celebrate a happy new year. It comes with some changes in maps, and vehicles that you should know in advance.

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PUBG mobile Frost festival 2020 is already out for this month. Players around the world should expect a blast as the festival comes with multiple changes. If you want to catch up with the celebration, we propose a favor with ultimate guidelines and an intro about Frost Festival in PUBG Mobile.

The game has never lost its heat since the development team worked so hard for PUBG update. At the end of this novel year, PUBG Frost festival 2020 brings about a combination of joyful life and thrilling game. Believe us. It’s always fun to know about skins and rewards at the Frost Festival.

PUBG Mobile Frost Festival 2020
PUBG Mobile Frost Festival 2020

Guideline to participate in PUBG mobile Frost festival 2020

PUBG mobile Frost festival 2020 is already on, and we know loyal fans cannot wait longer to take part in the festive atmosphere. But what you need first is getting the festival on the gameplay. Luckily, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide as below:

  • Select mode “Frost Festival” within the options bar on the screen. Yes! The festival is already updated.
  • Commence new features including maps, building, and decorations with the match using the “Start” button
  • Enjoy the warm atmosphere spreading around the game. The Holiday Decoration event has been on even. However, don’t forget to try your best to win the game with Frost Festival in PUBG Mobile.
Holiday Decoration Event
Holiday Decoration Event

Changes about gameplay with PUBG mobile Frost festival 2020

When Frost Festival in PUBG Mobile comes, there are changes in weather, street view, and everything. All of them will make players feel warmth among battles. Will it be ideal for sharing a virtual celebration with your mates after the hectic fight?

More Frozen Castles

A snowy castle in PUBG mobile
A snowy castle in PUBG mobile

The new map shows up in frosty white with snow and ice. But better than that, more castles spawned. They scatter around, imply abundant slots to loot things as well as plan your attach. These are new buildings that people share the same level of knowledge, so it’s time to brainstorm new strategies.

Because of the potential to loot weapons and accessories, these castles impose better places to drop. Since they may only appear for the festival, why not try your luck with a new initial spot?

Play with Snowman and Frozen Eggs

Snowman on the street
Snowman on the street

The Winter Castle is interesting for the combat. There you find frozen eggs that give birth to structures. They are not to make things look better but to hide throwers. Players can collect them and build tactical structures and win the chance to shoot.

Also, there are Miniature Snowmen all around the castle. They cannot go into your pockets but let’s use them as a cover.

New indoor look

Cozy indoor space with a Christmas tree
Cozy indoor space with a Christmas tree

Houses are now full of Christmas signs in PUBG mobile Frost festival 2020. There are decorated trees, neon lights, cozy fireplaces with red socks hanging on top when you come home.

The scene around the island lights up with warm colors from the festive season. Even among the fierce combat, you will still catch a glimpse of a window or a hut with that cozy yellow shade.

Icy terrains

Snowy and icy battleground
Snowy and icy battleground

Winter cannot complete without snow. The whole Erangel appears in endless white and ice shade, which is stunning. However, the river and water area get frozen while hills end up with a thick snow layer. You might have to work up to more for the new terrains.

New vehicles

Moving around with snowboards
Moving around with snowboards

But don’t stress yourself out since there are snowboards to help you move around. It comes so handily under the weather, so don’t forget to get one with you from the beginning.

Holiday Decration event in PUBG mobile Frost festival 2020

It will be a more exciting festival if competitions come along. Besides the main gameplay, don’t miss the Holiday Decoration event with PUBG, as it seems so much fun.

As the name suggests, this event is all about skins and rewards in Frost Festival. Players will finish missions and collect the new item to decorate the house during the game. The competition starts and restarts every day at midnight, and your hard work will get rewarded with limited items or new decorating tools.

Your benefits are:

  • Get rewards forwarded to inventory
  • Limited Wishing Treeman Headgear
  • Limited Wishing Treeman Set

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