PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: The Story, Weapon, Monster and new Battleground

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PUBG Mobile Metro Royale bears a story that results in damaged world of challenges. If you are about to explore this new mode, some instructions may help.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale is the combination of classic PUBG gameplay with Metro Exodus. The underground map and the game with this mode show outstanding features, characters, and bosses that no gamers could resist.

The most attractive PUBG mobile mode so far, PUBG Mobile Metro Royale presents both excitement and challenges. It’s now available to play, but before entering the game, it’s helpful to read below PUBG mobile Erangel Metro guide.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale
PUBG Mobile Metro Royale

The forming of PUBG Mobile Metro Royale

You may hear about the battleground with an underground map in PUBG Mobile News, deadly monsters, and zombies. But do you know the origin of the tragedy?

Metro Exodus is the New Erangel Metro after a sudden attack of a radio wave. The anonymous broke down all buildings and drove the city to the edge of disappearance. Since you have no time to prepare, only a shotgun and one of few things could stay AKM with bullets, backpack, armor, and a First Aid box.

There is no good life promised after the apocalypse. You got to fight for your survival. Then it comes to the concept of PUBG – you have to be the last man to stand no matter what.

So, how can you manage through a sudden change of situation? The game has prepared you some weapons to knock out the fiercest monsters. Keep scrolling down.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

Recommended weapons

The challenge has updated, so you need a more powerful weapon to fight. Tikhar Rifle is the legendary firearm in this world since its capacity is 30% more potent than standard guns.

Even though it’s automatic and releases steel bullets, users have to fill air pressure manually. But it’s worth your trying since it’s the only thing that works in the fierce world.

Tikhar Rifle
Tikhar Rifle

As mentioned before, you don’t have a chance to bring more than a shotgun and one more item when a sudden attack occurs. Hence, you cannot access to Tikhar Rifle in the usual way.

The weapon appears in Black Market as well as other accessories for upgrading.

New monsters to tackle

Monsters are a real threat when we talk about PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro. They come with the ruin of Erangel. You are not scared of it yet since it’s new but let’s hear out what it’s capable of.

This monster can appeal to its kind with a howl, and they are breathtakingly a lot to fight. Therefore, you should choose to fight the pack but tackle the first one you see. Otherwise, the number of monsters around you could include multiple crazily.


Librarians look quite the same with no hair. These mutants are strong and sturdy, so if you want to kill them off, you must be persistent enough. However, you can choose not to fight, which we consider smarter. Keep eye contact with them and sneak away if you can. They don’t attack when you see them in the eyes, but once you turn your back to them, you’re spotted.


Fighting conditions in PUBG Mobile Metro Royale

The world has changed after the attack. People are now in two groups: Cobras and Steel Front. Even though they are in a truce when lacking resources, be careful since they are stealing from others.

Do you remember we talked about the underground map? It exists but deeps in the dark. It’s the perfect spot to loot things and attack your enemies, but you have to be careful since others may share the same idea.

You will need support to travel in the pitch dark. And, don’t rush to shoot anyone since the fire could leak your position.

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