New Bugs In Version 0.12 PUBG Download Is Drawing Huge Attention From Fans

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Version 0.12 of PUBG Mobile is getting troubles with new bugs after fixing a series of issues reported previously. Join the new update to know improvements now!

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New bugs in version 0.12 have been the recent crisis in PUBG mobile game. It causes downside in the gameplay and a flood of complaints coming from players. Until now, Tencent is trying their best to solve the situation. How well are they doing?

Other bugs in PUBG Mobile v0.12.0

Version 0.12.0 has been just out and promised fresh new gameplay in PUBG mobile. There are useful upgrades and indeed fixed bugs to welcome fans back. However, the newly updated PUBG Download occurs bugs in annoying frequency.

Global fans are claiming the issues, and Tencent started working upon it. However, the situation seems not getting any better as expected.

0.12.0 of PUBG download is a big comeback of the game. In this version, Tencent introduces the Darkest Night and a better Zombie mode. For a long time, new weapons, vehicles, skins, and challenges drew significant attention.

However, after the comeback, version 0.12.0 encounters multiple bugs. Players cannot enjoy the game they’ve longed for starting with the beginning.

Many players reported that they could not locate the drop-off locations unless they land off with the team.

A more significant issue lies in looting activities after drop-off. Many players cannot do anything about it when the game starts, and for sure, the delay of looting results in unpleasant plan reversion. Also, more issues are continuing to add-up the bugged version.

Already fixed bugs in Parachute at the beginning scene in PUBG Mobile
Already fixed bugs in Parachute at the beginning scene in PUBG Mobile

The team of PUBG Android and Tencent have joined in fixing the bugs. They claimed the completion in repairing plane disappearance and tiny vehicle bugs.

Players also complain about time-consuming hop-on and hop-off. It takes them forever to do business with a car-like vehicle done. So does it to open the door to some building.

The delay in such exposed areas caused rising death, and nobody likes to scarify in such ways.

A Typical Case Of Vehicles/Houses Bugs in PUBG Mobile
A Typical Case Of Vehicles/Houses Bugs in PUBG Mobile

In PUBG iOS only, ping appears with rising numbers when the updated version comes. For sure, nobody’s happy about that.

Stunning background in PUBG v0.12.0
Stunning background in PUBG v0.12.0

New bugs in version 0.12 surely let the fans down. Through the case, the PUBG dev team is trying their best to save the performance. Let’s follow the situation and enjoy the fixed-bug PUBG game.

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