PUBG Mobile Payload Mode x War Mode Details

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode x War Mode is an option not existing before. It is a mix of both of the modes. You are able to have fun with “all the action” that the War Mode provides together with “the explosive potential” present in the Payload Mode, according to PUBG Corp. Actually, developers stated that it is built based on two separate modes.

In fact, the company behind PUBG Mobile game has recently submitted a new mode called Payload Mode x War Mode. They also announced its availability on their official Twitter handle on December 24, 2019. So, it is completely available for you to experience!

Note! Payload Mode x War Mode just appeared weeks after developers launched the PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update. It did not stop there. They rolled out another to fix bugs in v0.16.0, then. Currently, they are working on other updates, for example, 10-bit HDR support and 90FPS support.

Pubg Mobile Officially
Pubg Mobile Officially

PUBG Mobile: Payload Mode x War Mode

PUBG Mobile Update EvoGround
PUBG Mobile Update EvoGround

If you’d like to learn much more about PUBG Mobile: Payload Mode x War Mode, you’d better delve deeper into the Payload Mode and the War Mode one by one.

As the truth of the PUBG Mobile War Mode that you know, it is not different from Deathmatch. You will have the chance to respawn at a particular time.

While the match is going to end, you will not be able to respawn anymore. It may be more difficult for you to survive when you are being pushed closer to other rivals because the Blue Zone is shrinking in size. It is identical to what you have ever explored in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a real Battle Royale style game.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile Payload is the mode that you can utilize a helicopter to attack people on the map. Characters on the ground will simultaneously use rocket or grenade launchers to eliminate you or everybody on that flight.

About PUBG Mobile Payload Mode x War Mode

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode x War Mode is a mode that did not exist in the game before. You and the rest will drop into a cramped safe zone. You will be equipped with a grenade launcher. It is similar to the War mode. All joiners will continue to fight against each other while respawning after they die. Towards the end of the round, you can’t respawn. It will bring back a classic Battle Royale-like ending to the game.

PUBG Mobile Update EvoGround
PUBG Mobile Update EvoGround

PUBG Mobile Payload x War Mode promises to cause a bloodbath inside the playable area. To occupy the ultimate Chicken Dinner, you or the team should score the most kills before the opponent. It is a high tempo game mode that you can opt for to start and share with friends from now on if you are searching for a thrilling adventure in every aspect.


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