PUBG Mobile & a Cool System of New Characters!

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update did not make players disappointed when constantly introducing to their fans a lot of new items, especially improvements of the characters system.

How to obtain Victor for free

It is actually easy to learn how to get Victor in PUBG Mobile and you do not have to spend a penny to experience with him.

  • According to that, the new character system adds Victor for free. Anybody who upgrades to the newest version of the game can collect PUBG Mobile Vector character from the Character under Workshop.
  • As an alternative, you can tap on the gift box icon on the bottom right. It is the Events section. The Themed will pop up by default and you can select the New Character: Victor from the drop-down menu to move to the activation of him or the reward-collection area if he has been already utilized.

He will go with distinctive outfits, emotes, and voices. Why don’t share with friends from now on?

It Is What PUBG Mobile Tweeted On August 26, 2019, About PUBG Mobile Vector Character.
It Is What PUBG Mobile Tweeted On August 26, 2019, About PUBG Mobile Vector Character.

Victor “is a hardcore submachine gun geek, and his greatest joy is to hole up (in) his garage, research, modify and paint his submachine guns, which have reduced reloading time after his modifications.”

Characteristics of Victor

Victor is a master of the firearm. He can decrease SMG reloading time by 4% and it will be 5.5% when he hits level 2.

PUBG Mobile Vector Character Has A Distinct Voice
PUBG Mobile Vector Character Has A Distinct Voice

Soldiers not existing before will be given special abilities that will cause them to be better or worse than their enemy. However, Victor will be equipped with a unique ability which can diminish the reloading time for SMG in EvoGround without influencing the Classic mode. EvoGround is a creepy location where you can check out your survival skill in Infection, Zombie: Survive Till Dawn and Zombie: Darkest Night rooms. Further, he can be leveled up. Level 10 will be the highest grade with rewards on each stage achieved. But, you can buy 200 XP if you save enough 12 UC. Do not forget to fulfill missions because they will open the gate to gather fragments and unlock amazing functions together with several exciting PUBG Mobile skins!

Are you willing to test your possibilities in the upcoming match? Remember to dig deeper into the best UBG Mobile Tips and Tricks! At present, challenges for characters will start on August 26 and end on September 9. Embark on your job and finish every quest to hunt rare stuff now!


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