Zombie Darkest Night Mode is Feature You Must Study Before Starting PUBG 0.12.0

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PUBG Mobile Zombie Darkest Night Mode is totally downloadable for now. Check out this latest update for new features and better gameplay with many great challenges.

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Zombie Darkest Night Mode will officially appear in PUBG Mobile 0.12.0. It adds up the Zombie Survive Till Dawn at level 5 and turns your game to new challenges. It proposes new features in the fights within system improvements. There are Zombies, but more threatening. And, gamers must come up with a new tactic when they fall into the Darkest Night.

All changes and additions are promising materials for good gameplay. Supposedly, PUBG gamers will grow addicted to this new scene.

The Darkest Night Mode is already on in 0.12.0
The Darkest Night Mode is already on in 0.12.0

Official PUBG 0.12.0 update is not out yet until next week. However, you can download PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 beta version to try the new challenge from now. The link is right below:

What is Zombie Darkest Night Mode in PUBG Mobile about?

All characters will pop up on the ground, not jumping down from the sky.

In PUBG Zombie Darkest Night mode, gamers will spawn on the game by popping up randomly from the ground. It’s different from the traditional beginning in PUBG – choose a spot and drop off with a parachute.

The matched host around 30 people simultaneously, and the number will vary when players choose Solo or Squad mode. The match here is meant to last around 30 minutes, and the winner is the survivor when the rescue team arrives at dawn.

Defensive gameplay when night arrives

Zombie Darkest Night divides the time into day and night time. Players have the vision and time to loot weapons and accessories they need when it’s bright. We suggest you make use of that time, too, since you must focus on defending when the night comes.

In this game, Zombies will be the scariest attack. They will go out at night and crowd in corners. For a long time, the main tactic is to hide and fight against one or two monsters at a time.

The time for the ring to shrink is slow.

The new mode of PUBG Mobile game will take longer. However, it’s not so apparent to you when you are in the game. The fight between you and Zombies seems nothing strange and plays out as usual.

Zombies will attack you up to 12 times

During the Darkest Night, Zombies will throw 12 attacks. The battlefield is in a house but with multiple rooms. Zombies can start from every direction, even over the walls and rooftop. You are not safe if you shelter at the same spot the whole time but move along.

No need to concentrate on killing other players

Players can collect points in different ways in new PUBG Zombie mode. Your time you spent playing the game will be counted as experience points. Besides, the number of Zombies you knock out, damage you’ve made, and length of survival will all go to your point chart.

Other players are in Zombie’s deadly target, so you don’t need to take care of them anymore.

Above is outlined information about the upcoming mode Zombie: Darkest Night and we hope you’re well prepared for it after reading. Try to survive in 30 minutes, and you will be one of the winners. Keep in mind that staying is your ultimate goal, are you ready to rule the The Darkest Night!

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