Zombie Darkest Night is one of the latest update introduced in PUBG Mobile 0.12.0. There are plenty of new features released in the game via this update. Also with this new PUBG Zombie mode, the fighting system of players will be much improved, and some alterations have been done to the gameplay, bringing new feelings to all gamers.

PUBG Mobile Releases Zombie Darkest Night Mode
PUBG Mobile Releases Zombie Darkest Night Mode

PUBG Mobile – The latest version of Zombie Darkest Night Mode

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What is Zombie Darkest Night Mode in PUBG Mobile about?

All characters will pop up on the ground, not jumping down from the sky

Using the parachute to land down on the ground is the common thing players have to do when starting in PUBG. But with this new update, you don’t have to do that anymore. In the PUBG Zombie Darkest Night mode, you will pop up on the map at random locations. There are from 30 to 32 people joining the map, depending on the solo play or the team play. In PUBG Zombie mode, each match lasts 30 minutes since the moment you spawn in the map.

Defensive gameplay when night arrives

In this new mode of PUBG Mobile game, players have to focus on hiding for their survival. You can only go to collect weapons and equipment during the day time. But when night arrives, you must go find a safe place and go fight against zombies when they attack you.

Time for the ring to shrink is slow

Unlike Zombie Survive Till Dawn, time for the ring to get smaller in this update will be slower, therefore, the fight between you and zombies will not be affected, or you don’t have to pay attention to it too much like other modes.

Zombies will attack you up to 12 times

The zombie attack in PUBG game will be divided into 12 times, each time, they will assault your current shelter, therefore, you need to stay in a house that has enough room, which is convenient for the movement. Not only that, but they are also able to jump over the walls, climb onto your roof, so be careful with them because they can kill you in many different ways.

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No need to concentrate on killing other players

The mission that is highly prioritized in this PUBG mode is to kill zombies, try to be the survivor in 30 minutes. If you and other players are the winners, then the experience points or the number of zombies you have killed, the period of time for survival, the amount of damage you dished out, all of them will be recognized by the system and your points will be counted.


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