PUBG Mobile Season 10 is a new update that should be deployed by November 12th. It is not difficult to seek a convenient countdown in the current PUBG Mobile app.

Secrets, facts revolved around PUBG Mobile: Season 10 and much more

There are currently many leaks about PUBG Mobile Season 10 release date. Meanwhile, Season 9 has been just started. Countless questions are suggested. Among those, many people asked which free weapon skins they could receive with Season 10. If you want to know the answer, you can keep reading below.

FREE Get Skin M249!

FREE Get Skin M249!
FREE Get Skin M249!

Within each season, the game PUBG Mobile Download will give the player a lot of valuable prizes. If they reach high ranks, they can collect them without charge. Don’t worry! If you are a loyal fan of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you can obtain them.

Specifically, Skin M249 will be assigned only to the survivors who hit Diamond Tier in PUBG Mobile Season 10 Update. Remember that searching for it is similar to the goal of other guys! It promises to be an interesting match.

Parachute from PUBG Mobile Season 10

They are placed inside the pack of ranking awards for users. Perhaps, the coming release will include a big colorful collection of PUBG Mobile Season 10 all rewards. Actually, there is a series of unique colors suitable for Halloween such as yellow, red, orange, and more.

Parachute from PUBG Mobile Season 10
Parachute from PUBG Mobile Season 10

Outfits in PUBG Mobile Season 10

They are costumes for joiners of PUBG Mobiles Season 10. And, they are completely different from what you have ever used in PUBG Mobile Season 9. They will help you surprise the opposite persons.

Outfits in PUBG Mobile Season 10

Other skins in PUBG Mobile Season 10

Aside from the items mentioned above, we have a small list of vehicles in PUBG Download here. They can be upgraded, for example, monster trucks.

  • Solo, duo, and squad titled t-shirts that will appear in events.
  • Skins for the forthcoming winter
  • Strange hats in levels
  • Skins of Katana and pans
  • Clothes like armor and something active
  • Steel helmets
  • For guns
  • Several airplanes’ skins not existing in PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile Lite before
  • Face accessories and masks
  • A diversity for firearms
  • Headgear
  • Skins of M416 LAD level 1, level 5, level 7

Another background after PUBG Mobile Season 10

Your trips throughout PUBG Mobile with Season 10 will not be boring when you are offered the other scenery.

The full information about PUBG Mobile Season 10 is here. Why don’t you stay tuned to catch up with the newest stuff? Leave comments if you find everything you love!


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