PUBG Mobile Season 12 Released Lots Of Exciting Items And A New Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile Publisher Aurora PUBG Mobile ItemsPUBG News PUBG Mobile Published12 March, 2020

Hop into the new Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile Season 12 and do not skip other interesting features! It's time to check all of the items that Season 12 contains!

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PUBG Mobile Season 12 Released
PUBG Mobile Season 12 Released

Developers of PUBG Mobile the game is always working hard to change its gameplay. It is an important part for them to attract players and do not let competitors leave a too large gap. So, their effort is as clear evidence. It promises to bring pieces not existing before. Why don’t you embark on digging deeper into the present topic now?

PUBG Mobile Season 12, Royale Pass And More Released!

It’s available to learn about PUBG Mobile Season 12 without charge here! It is a fun installment of the series beloved. It will offer a unique gaming experience for sure.

PUBG Mobile Season 12 - Royale Pass
PUBG Mobile Season 12 – Royale Pass

Along with the presence of the successor of the previous PUBG Mobile Season 11, you can immerse yourself into another aspect and so on. In fact, it is possible for all to test the PUBG Mobile Season 12 release date! It was launched on March 9th. Therefore, everybody can start to accumulate points to unlock what they desire. Besides, you should not skip rewards and events in the future.

Together with Season 12, you are able to search for one of the newest PUBG Mobile Royale Passes since March 9th. Both of them will be important chapters.

Details in the current PUBG Mobile update

It is the newest PUBG Mobile update comprising plenty of content. All of them are published in order to celebrate PUBG Mobile’s 2nd Anniversary, with multiple strange interesting activities. It is a remarkable anniversary because it helps players on the server work together to finish event targets and unlock prizes.

PUBG Mobile’s 2nd Anniversary
PUBG Mobile’s 2nd Anniversary
  • As well, there are numerous individual events, with rankings that you can conquer it and obtain bonus points.
  • Previously, PUBG Mobile game had revealed about the Extreme cold mode at Vikendi when you try to survive in the middle of the winter by finding food and fire. Unfortunately, it may be postponed.
  • In which, Erangel will receive a slight modification, with a different position appearing on the map inside matches of the Classic Mode. It is an amusement park where pops up in one location on the playfield. It is an option called Erangel Amusement Park Mode.
  • Access that theme, you can prove your abilities during Space War, Hunt Game, Shoot Ranger, What in the Box, Reverse Bungee and Trampoline.
PUBG Mobile Game - Vikendi Map
PUBG Mobile Game – Vikendi Map

PUBG Mobile Season 12 introduces a great place to entertain yourself and earn a lot of stuff. It goes LIVE and will spawn for the second anniversary of PUBG Mobile. Meanwhile, the latest PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 patch update has been already obtainable and Season 11 has come to a finish. If you find everything you have followed useful, remember to share it with your friends!

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