What Are New In The PUB Mobile Season 6 Gameplays? Save The Date Of Release!

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Play PUBG Mobile and do not skip Season 6 Release Date! The anniversary will come to PUBG Mobile with new vehicles, weapons, and more! Join and win all rewards!

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PUBG Mobile season 6 will be the next merry present for players around the world. Updating new features every season is a way to keep PUBG Mobile game globally attractive. Let’s take a glimpse of the upcoming battlefield and see what’s unique about item collections!

PUBG Mobile Season 6 with new vehicles, weapons, and many more!

PUBG Mobile season 6 opening
PUBG Mobile season 6 opening

It’s essential to catch up with the latest PUBG download as a slight change could make everything different in Erangel’s fights. You don’t need to wait for long. Right after the previous season closed on 19th March, season 6 will be published on 21st. You might find it introduced from the PUBG Mobile version 0.11.5.

PUBG mobile remains the heat by developments every season. Every season, players are eager to try new maps, weapons, and organizations. Therefore, the upcoming combat will be no exception.

Let’s pull ourselves together when you enter the PUBG Mobile Season 6. It’s time for unforeseen skins, weapons, and vehicles. If you are looking for material for a fresh start, you are at the right time.

Besides the addition of items, Elite Passes now splits into Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus. In particular, we gather here a peep look at highlights:

  • 0.11.5 for PUBG Android is the hotspot-to-be because it’s the very spot where players can attain significant rewards. Besides, daily missions and challenges will add up to the intensity of the game
  • Players now can collect Royal Pass points to exchange for rare items.
  • Those who have got Elite Pass holders can rank up quickly if they complete Elite Missions.
  • Every week, Royal Pass will throw a quest where people can gather point cards. It’s the most effective way to collect points.
  • Sometimes, Royale Pass Points happen to be in crates.
  • Players can gain more Royale Pass Points through PUBG events.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of unexpected things waiting for you. And surprises are on counting.

Mobile 0.11.5 Beta Update changes and new additions

The good news is that 0.11.5 for PUBG Android also includes upgrades available for Season 6.

First of all, the game introduces a new firearm – G36C to alter SCAR-L. It’s the first appearance of this 5.56mm rifle. Overall, players can customize the new weapon with scope, grip, and laser sign to enhance the destruction. Fun emotes, and dance emotes are available in this season, too.

For PUBG iOS players only, M762 welcomes new skins. The appearance of Snahok and its intense combat will be the next challenge but also excitement to the global fan. This time, the three-wheel Tukshai bus offers you a smooth ride through rough Sanhok roads.

In the next game, let’s get yourself prepared for the weather condition in Erangel and Miramar. Everything could be more vivid in comparison to the last time you visited. And, a little observation could help you turn the table.

Zombies zone in the new season will unlock in ruins with slight changes in skills. You should review the difference in the zombie zone in advance if to win the combat there.

It’s quicker to inform your team about the supplies with pre-composed “I got supplies” on the brief chatbox. It’s a useful feature only in Duo or Squad mode, but more convenience is still checked.

PUBG Mobile season 6 will be full of joy. It contains significant changes in weapon collections and vehicles. Hence, there will be a lot to get used to before you start firing.

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