PUBG Mobile Season 6 with new vehicles, weapons and many more!

According to the recent update for the cool PUBG Mobile game, Season 6 is expected to appear on March 21 while the previous ended on March 19. Actually, Season 6 was introduced from the version 0.11.5.

Season 6 is a completely new division in PUBG download that will be released with guns not existing before. Not only that, it will go with another unique vehicle along with numerous interesting items. In PUBG Mobile Season 6, there are two Elite Passes named Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus.

  • Royale Pass is a fascinating fragment in PUBG Mobile Season 6. It is the major way for the character to obtain rewards in PUBG iOS. Royale Pass Points can be collected with methods below to dominate sooner:
  • Finish Royale Pass Daily missions and challenge missions. Elite Pass holders can join Elite Missions to rank up quickly.
  • Defeat weekly quests and involve in events to gather Royale Pass Point Cards that provide RP Points.
  • Occasionally unlocking crates in PUBG Mobile to get free Royale Pass Points
  • Take part in in-game events to scavenge more free Royale Pass Points.

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Mobile 0.11.5 Beta Update changes and new additions

Improvements in 0.11.5 for PUBG Android are also for Season 6.

  • From the latest patch to improve PUBG Mobile, 0.11.5, it mentioned to the 5.56mm rifle G36C replacing SCAR-L. It is a gun that can support attachments such as a scope, thumb grip, laser sight. Furthermore, there will be fun emotes, dance emotes, etc.
  • Season 6 in PUBG iOS is looked forward to adding other skins to the M762 rifle. Besides, there will be a three-wheel bus Tukshai based on the popular auto rickshaw in countries like India and now available in Sanhok.
  • Aside from that, people can find a lively weather style on two maps (Erangel and Miramar) of PUBG Android since that version.
  • Zombies in PUBG Mobile will be nerfed whilst the area damage is buffed as the damage out of the secure location at night has been increased. Moreover, a few resource drops, fuel levels, zombie skills are modified.
  • Quick chat message “I got supplies” is pre-selected.

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