PUBG Mobile Season 7 With Cool Rewards, Point Back, Rewards And New Visual Effects

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Download PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 and access the entire collection of Royale Pass rewards from Season 7! Play PUBG Mobile game, survive, and obtain everything now!

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PUBG mobile season 7 will welcome the Royale Pass and more surprises. The upcoming PUBG Mobile game will welcome more rewards as well as player-favored terms such as UC reimbursement, outfits and skins. PUBG MObile version 0.12.5 is already on for players, and you’d better download the updated PUBG Mobile game and join the festive atmosphere in Royale Pass for now!

It will come as soon as the season 6 ends so you better save the date and be one of the first audiences. The coming of the new season also opens to astounding effects and upgraded graphics. Let’s take a glimpse of what is coming next and prepare a schedule to welcome amazing games.

Rewards in PUBG Mobile season 7

Royale Pass Season 7, one of the grand features of PUBG 0.12.5, is the most wanted event. Since the opening date leaked, fans of PUBG Mobile worldwide have discussed rewards they might collect from this Pass.

Supposedly, season 7 will hold big rewards and offer significant separation in comparison to season 6. PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 is already active, and the game will soon develop into intense moments.

The upcoming season divides the battle into Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus groups. The whole season introduces 100 rewards in total, and players will go through certain raking before putting their hands on the items.

Especially, section number 2 also gives away exclusive presents for those who unlock the Elite mission. Besides, they must reach 25 ranks. Competitive conditions and attractive items will heat the stage of PUBG mobile.

No matter what you hesitate about, let’s download PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 and join the race!

All highlights about PUBG Mobile season 7
All highlights about PUBG Mobile season 7

Receive 600 UC back

PUBG Mobile season 7 remains the rules of the previous season. Hence, you can save time from comprehension and move straight to the addictive items list below.

Those who paid 600 UC for pass improvement can get reimbursement but in the form of awards. However, you’re eligible for this term only when you also finish the 100RP series on the way.

As to be said, Elite Pass is free in season 7. You will come back to you later, and these UC could boost your Pass in the future.

New outfits

Rewards will include these two stunning outfits: Urban Scavenger and Assault Squad. You can find their leaking images online and keep that motivation to finish quests. These items are only for Elite Pass, so you must be on the team first.

Flight trail and parachute trails in PUBG Mobile season 7

Added flight trails from an airplane
Added flight trails from an airplane

From the PUBG Mobile season 7, you can collect a staggering effect relating to airplanes. It’s considered the most beautiful cosmetic change and will remain as a reward in the coming season of PUBG Mobile Season 8.

The effect allows players to see trails releasing from feet when they hop off the airplane. That scene must be relaxing to enjoy.

Exceptional Mustache is implied to appear in this season. We are all looking forward to it but not available yet. This update seems after PUBG season 7 officially goes published globally.

Other skins

Stylish items will be in your collection
Stylish items will be in your collection

Also, you should expect to collect cool designs of Helmets, AKM Skin, and Bags. You will find them in Far Cry Games, and the look won’t let you down.

Back to real combat, an exclusive piece of outfit will be an effective confidence booster.

Cooler skins and outfits
Cooler skins and outfits

Royal Pass EZ mission license

A mission License in PUBG season 7
A mission License in PUBG season 7

Missions and purchases in the coming season will come with a license. And the above is the newly leaked image.

PUBG Mobile season 7 release date

Many more rewards are waiting for you to gain. And don’t hesitate about downloading the game today. PUBG mobile is keeping on developing. Most bonuses are about the look, but they will help with pleasing your time during intense combats. Season 6 will end soon on May 15th and welcome the opening of PUBG Mobile Season 7. Let’s get yourself prepared well since many fans are waiting for the moment, too. Save the date and join the game!

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