Have you ever wondered how PUBG Mobile became such a popular Mobile game like that? It’s time to find out what makes PUBG Mobile unique, addictive, and attractive that much. At the same time, Tencent games also uncover CROS at GDC. Let’s check it out!

PUBG Mobile has become a famous Mobile game
PUBG Mobile has become a famous Mobile game

Tencent’s talk about CROS at GDC on PUBG Mobile

Tencent had an interesting talk that was as intriguing as Google’s for people who concerns about the complex business of making them game step right into the best possible form to succeed. CROS was the main subject of this talk, which is known as a great tool assisting over 200 of the most famous and successful mobile games to obtain their potential in the world, such as, Epic, Miniclip and Supercell.

PUBG Mobile: Cros

When PUBG Mobile has become one of the biggest successes, Tencent Games made an explanation on how it changed the game into a commercial hit through four pillars of CROS, including Intelligent Network Optimization (INO), G6 (Game R&D Solutions), WeTest, and MTP (Mobile Tencent Protect).

PUBG Mobile: Intelligent Network Optimization

PUBG Mobile is currently supporting more than a million users for every day without experiencing any laggy issues thanks to having INO, utilizing Dual Channel solutions to optimize networks, particularly for online multiplayer games. INO is regarded as an advantage for eSports, which decreases average latency by more than 90% and being suitable with 99.95 of eSports industrial requirements.

PUBG Mobile: Games R&D Solutions - G6

G6 also takes on the role as well, which offers a 24/7 data storage function that can take back results in less than 3 milliseconds and at a rate of 20 million requests each second. In addition to this, G6 also brings a high-quality voice service that has a 99.8% connection ratio as well as a crash ratio under 5/100,000.

PUBG Mobile: Wetest

At the same time, WeTest did operate its magic and decreased the time for testing by 90%. How did it do that? Definitely by making the most out of the human labor and employing intelligent AI instead. There was an examination on the top 500 mobile phone models by the tool, which accounts for 90% of players and guarantees a smooth playing experience for all of them.

PUBG Mobile: WeTest Fronitier Technology and Service

Eventually, MTP offered the all-significant security against hackers and cheaters. At the moment, there are hundreds of thousands of cheating tools that are being used. MTP utilizes a lot of smart tools as well as nice tricks to detect all cheaters as well as stop them from harming your fun gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile: Tencent Games Security MTP
PUBG Mobile: Key Features and data Highlight

In general, the talk was very awesome and could be regarded as a persuasive peek at the work that has been carried out to guarantee that all multiplayer games can operate well and stay fair. No one can pay attention to when things become right, therefore, let’s hear it for CROS. For the next time, you will totally enjoy a round of PUBG Mobile that has no lags.


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