Tencent Games Reveals Cros As A Mean To Enhance General PUBG Mobile Experience

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Tencent Games Reveals CROS in the recent talk about using it to enhance gaming experience in PUBG. It will be a big secret to know so don’t miss the chapter.

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Tencent Games reveals CROS at GDC when regarding PUBG Mobile – their sucessful Royale Battle game. It will be a big news to global fans about the game they love. Let’s see how they talked about it! PUBG Mobile game has become even more successful than the PC version. It’s increasingly attractive for uniqueness and addictive features.

When the development team works on PUBG, they also bias the mobile understanding more than others. As a result, this game has thriven over recent years and taken up a more significant part of the PUBG community players. Now, global fans has known for sure what make PUBG that great when Tencent hints about their CROS use at GDC. Here are the details!

PUBG grows to be one of the most world popular Esports game
PUBG grows to be one of the most world popular Esports game

Tencent’s talk about CROS at GDC on PUBG Mobile

Recently, in their speech, Tencent Games reveals CROS as the solution to make their game successful in the past years. It’s a topic that many people wonder about since PUBG has been just 3-year-old but globally famous.

During the talk, they mentioned CROS as the tool to help them gain such a reputation. Also, they revealed that this method appears in most of their mobile games like Epic, Supercell, and Miniclip.

In this article, we will look at how CROS is and how Tencent applied it to the PUBG Mobile game development.

Recent game CROS
Recent game CROS

Within CROS, the supplier of PUBG Mobile explains how the success came to them in 4 aspects INO (Intelligent Network), G6 (Game Research and Development Solutions), WeTest, and finally, MTP (Mobile Tencent Protect).

To help you with gaining insights into CROS, we will discuss every single aspect as below. And don’t miss the secret.

Intelligent Network Optimization
Intelligent Network Optimization

The biggest issue to play game online must be an Internet connection. Every match, the PUBG Mobile game hosts 100 players and about a million users during the day. The number is stable through the years, but there is no lagging issue or connection failure from the system that significantly affects the development of the whole game. That performance must be credited to INO.

INO optimizes the network using the Dual Channel method. It’s critical for multiplayer online games since the story is engaged with all real-time users.

The latency decrease rate by INO is impressive – about 90%, and it’s a useful tool for eSports.

Game R&D Solutions - G6
Game R&D Solutions – G6

G6 includes a development framework with both front and back end, real-time voice service in the game, and 24/7 data storage.

It can back the results super fast, around three milliseconds, even when millions of requests from players worldwide come at a time. Combined with its voice service 24/7, G6 proves its effect about maintaining strong engagement with players.

WeTest in CROS
WeTest in CROS

WeTest is a testing program to make game features examined effectively but quickly. It has speed that can quicken the standard procedure to 90%.

WeTest uses AI to study 500 mobile phone models, test and evaluate the gaming experience on them. Accessing that many devices, Tencent gains insight into 90% of player experience on their devices, wasting not much time.

WeTest and Cmatrix
WeTest and Cmatrix

MTP, last but not least, is the final shield that system needs. It offers security and Fairplay games to people.

MTP takes advantage of multiple smart tools to detect and control cheaters. Purifying these players will undoubtedly make PUBG Mobile an excellent place to have fun/

Tencent game security
Tencent game security
Critical features in Tencent game security
Critical features in Tencent game security

The talk has made it clear about the power management system in PUBG Mobile. It’s like a guarantee for players worldwide to trust Tencent to keep doing that well and improve in the future. Thanks to CROS, enjoy lag-free and fair mobile games by Tencent.

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