PUBG Mobile Arctic mode (Cold Front Survival mode) has just been released! Are you ready for an adventure that is all about survival, with lots of challenges to conquer? There are many things for you to do in this Arctic survival mode, instead of just rushing towards enemies to kill them. Surviving this mode will be not easy at all when you encounter many new things that require you to have unique tips to survive. PUBG Mobile: Cold Front Survival mode also introduces Drones in the game. For those who have ever played Apex Legends, they will know that these drones are used for discovering the location of enemies.

In general, there are many things you must do in Arctic Mode for your survival. If you are new to this mode, below here are some PUBG Mobile tips and tricks you can learn to get through the harsh conditions of Cold Front Survival set on PUBG Mobile Vikendi.

Best tips for you to conquer PUBG Mobile: Cold Front Survival game mode

It’s never too late to learn PUBG Mobile tips to survive and become the winner in Cold Front Survival game mode. Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into this PUBG Mobile guide on this new mode to learn all the best tips for your survival!

Collect branches

You are required to have at least 5 branches to begin a fire. So, make sure you go collect more branches to set up a fire to keep yourself warm. If you don’t make a fire first, you will lose blood when it starts to get cold, and the temperature drops. You have to enter a building and add firewood to keep the fire on.

PUBG Mobile Collect Branches

Use heaters and heat packs

PUBG Mobile heat packs should be your love and your top priority when you play Cold Front: Survival mode. When you are outside the buildings in cold weather, you need to apply some heat packs to keep yourself warm. Using these heat packs will help you avoid taking less damage from the harsh weather. Players are recommended to collect as many heat packs as possible for their survival. One heat pack can last 30 seconds. You can also search and bring a heater with you. Heaters and heat packs in PUBG Mobile are the two important items for you to survive this Arctic mode.

PUBG Mobile Use heaters and heat packs

Keep an eye on a bonfire because it reveals the location of the enemy squad.

When you catch sight of a fire on the map, you should know that that is the location of enemies. Using a bonfire in PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode will reveal your location to other players on the minimap, especially when you go into a building to begin firing. When the cold mode is ended, you need to quickly leave your place, otherwise, the enemy squads will know your team’s position and start to attack you. You can also pay attention to the bonfires of the enemy squads to learn where they are and quickly kill them.

Keep an eye on a bonfire because it reveals the location of the enemy squad
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Use snowboard to ski

When there is snow, use the snowboard you have found on the map to ski! This PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival mode allows players to ski and shows their skiing skills. Snowboard has become one of the best vehicles for players to use to better their movement speed. It can help them move faster and more importantly, it doesn’t make any sounds. When you ski, you can traverse the snow-covered map easily without exposing your location to enemies. You can find snowboards in snowy areas.

PUBG Mobile Use Snowboard To Ski

Use your Drones smartly

Drones were expected as one of the best features in PUBG Mobile 2020. Now, PUBG Mobile Arctic survival mode features drones for players to use to scout and observe the surrounding area. However, drones cannot fly further. It can fly to a distance that is less than 300m from you. When you use a drone, you can be attacked by enemies more easily. You should ask your teammates to cover you in case of you flying a drone to spy enemies.

Use your Drones smartly

That’s all for the tips and tricks for players to get Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival mode. Hopefully, this PUBG Mobile guide helps you get through all tough challenges on the Arctic map and you will know what to do to deal with enemy squads.


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