PUBG Mobile Tips: What You Need To Know About BOT In Matches

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When playing PUBG Mobile matches, players usually encounter bots (AI) at the early stage of a match. Find out some tips to identify bots in PUBG Mobile!

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PUBG Mobile BOT is one of the top concerns of players when playing this famous battle royale game. It’s true to say that Bots in PUBG Mobile appear a lot in all matches in the classic mode. Players should equip themselves some PUBG Mobile tips to learn when they are shooting against bots and when they are encountering other real players on the battlefield. This PUBG Mobile guide covers everything you need to know about recognizing bots in classic matches. Before diving into this guide, make sure you check out the latest PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 beta update for new content and features:

The basics of Bot in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile BOT is used to bring the balance to matches that have amateurs in. The appearance of bots will get newbies to be more accustomed to the PUBG Mobile mechanics. Furthermore, bots in the game also get the cheaters trapped, who then will be punished by the publisher.

The spawning rate of Bot in PUBG Mobile is very high

Bot is known as an AI (stands for Artificial Intelligence) that is pre-programmed and controlled by the computer. Depending on the level set by the developers, Bot in PUBG Mobile is sometimes worse or better than real players. The bots are alone and don’t belong to any teams. Their purpose is to shoot any player when they are discovered by that real player in the game. Every time you play a match in PUBG Mobile, you will encounter bots out of 100 players.

PUBG Mobile tips to help you recognize bots in matches

PUBG Mobile bot never jumps or hides

The best tip to figure out if the person you see in a match is a bot or a real player is to watch over them to see if they will jump or hide. For your information, the bot in PUBG Mobile never jumps or hides! The bots in the game will never protect themselves when being attacked by other players. They always come with strange actions and frequently move without ceasing in a weird way.

It’s a piece of cake to kill a bot in PUBG Mobile matches

If a real player is attacked by someone, they will move to another area to hide and wait for a chance to avenge. For a bot, they will never do that. Instead of hiding or moving, they will stay there for you to attack them and kill them. They even move closer to you when you shoot them. It’s a piece of cake to kill a bot using your guns or even melee weapons, such as pan, knife, and stick. Bots in PUBG Mobile usually wander around the buildings where real players are hiding.

Bots in PUBG Mobile can be lured easily by gunfire

PUBG Mobile Bots usually head towards to the places that emit gun sounds. To recognize that person is a bot, you just simply create a random gun sound and wait for it to come closer to you. The bots instantly know your shooting direction and move towards it.

PUBG Mobile Bots are usually equipped with unique outfits and powerful weapons

The outfit and weapon tip is also one of the easiest PUBG Mobile tips to recognize a bot in a match. Normally, PUBG Mobile bots are equipped with nice outfits and strong weapons. After you have killed them, you will know if they are bots or not by looking at their names (usually meaningless names). The bots will never choose a top of a building to land, but they will usually enter a building to loot items like other real players.

When you choose places, like Military Base, School, or areas around Airdrops, the chance for you to encounter bots is very high. It is likely that the bots are pre-programmed to move to those places. At the early stage of the game, you will attack bots a lot. But when you get into the top 30, the chance for encountering bots is very low.

Bots in PUBG Mobile deal less damage to you than real players

An easy tip to know if the person that is shooting at you is a bot or a real enemy is to look at your blood bar. If you get attacked by a bot, you will not lose much blood. But if you are shot by a real enemy, more than half of the blood bar will be reduced.

That’s all for PUBG Mobile tips to identify bots in classic matches in PUBG Mobile. Hopefully, these tips will help you deal with the bots when you encounter them in a match and you will know what to do to get an edge over them, especially loot their powerful items after killing them.

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