PUBG Mobile Unlock Account Won’t Permit You To Lend Your Account!

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Shall PUBG Mobile developers unlock your account if you lend it? Let's find out the accurate answer if you are getting troubles with the current question now!

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PUBG Mobile unlock account is not allowed to lend to others. Tencent Games Security, recently announced that it will not unlock the PUBG Mobile account. If you lend it to another player who uses unauthorized tools/software to interfere with the game, Tencent will permanently lock that account no matter what. So be careful if you don’t want to lose your account!

Tencent will ban your account if you violated the game regulations!
Tencent will ban your account if you violated the game regulations!

Not unlock if lending an account in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile unlock account should not be borrowed in case of any risks. The player’s use of unauthorized software tools interferes with PUBG Mobile is a stinging problem in this survival game. Besides, PUBG Mobile is still trying to provide a fair and enjoyable environment for each player. A few people are always trying to create unfair advantages in the game. But even a few people contribute to the negative experience for all. Any actions harm the integrity of the rules and are detrimental to the experience of PUBG Mobile. So with no way to beg once banned, the player has only one way to create a new nick. Let’s play.

Tencent suggested that major parts of PUBG Mobile download ought not to loan their records to anyone in any circumstance. So they can avoid pointless dangers that can get clear.

As of now, using unapproved things to intrude in PUBG Mobile is as yet a troublesome issue. These individuals didn’t just pick PUBG Mobile emulator to play on PC. Yet in addition, add alternate ways with a progression of highlights. For example, AIMBOT – reduce recoil – make the distance or HP of somebody show up, etc. Tencent – Bluehole continually acquaints refreshes with fixing bugs or give out outrageous punishments for those inconveniences. But they can’t resolve all completely.

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