Make Use Of Villa Locations In PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map On The Way To Chicken Dinner

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PUBG Mobile Vikendi map imposes certain challenges as well as benefits. If you can make use of the locations, your way to Chicken Dinner will be less tough.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi map is in the closing of 2020 with the new snowy weather on all terrains. You will need PUBG guides to combat new conditions, especially to use locations on the map.

One of the highlight spots is the luxury villa located next to entertainment centers and luxuries. There must be many things you could benefit from the surroundings, but what and how?

PUBG Vikendi Map
PUBG Vikendi Map

What can we benefit from the villa in PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map?

We have observed and found out any PUBG Mobile villa share spots that contain a massive potential of items, looting spots, and complications for gun fires. Hence, we want to show you some tips and tricks to win.

Let’s scroll down the list of what items you could find abundant here. Because of the variety, these villas generate a hot spot for dropping.

Powerful weapons like M24

Accessories like armor, 6x scope for enhancing vision in snowing weather


Many hiding spots like cars, trucks, building, walls

These items appear so many that you can loot enough for the whole team if you are quick. Also, pay attention around as many other players may be thinking the same.

Drop-in villa spot
Drop-in villa spot

Tactical spots around villa coalition in Vikendi Map?

If you drop in the villa of PUBG Mobile Vikendi map, pay attention to other people who are falling to the same locations. You will want to stop outside of the villa, behind the wall, so that you are safe at landing. It’s easy to manage your location by lowering the parachute.

Outside of the villa, you might not yet find abundant sources. However, SMGs usually appear on barrels around the estate. Pick anything you can at the beginning, and don’t be too picky.

Behind villa's wall
Behind villa’s wall

The house in the heart of the villa is a hot spot for items. So, the earlier you come, the better things you will get.

You can hide inside the house or around two big trucks in the yard. However, people think of it too, so be secret. At this moment, enemies may use frag grenades instead of fire guns, and you can be so dead if they know about your presence.

There are two small houses on the yard’s sides whose rooftop could provide you an excellent view of enterers. Getting on there is easy-peasy with a Zima.

Around the house, you can find Zimas. And, the best vehicle for this season is a snowboard. You can pick one somewhere outside the villa and carry it out as it could be so useful to move around.

Drive a Zima through the villa
Drive a Zima through the villa

The villa of PUBG Mobile Vikendi map will contain many opponents who are waiting to kill you off. Hence, the best is to move fast through open spots like yards or lanes using Zima. And also, PUBG guides always remind you to prepare extra gas for the upcoming trip if you drive cars.

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