Use These 5 Best PUBG Mobile Weapons With Highest Damage To Beat Your Opponents

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Here are the top 5 weapons in PUBG Mobile with highest damage! Learn them all and pick your favorite ones to outplay your opponents in your matches.

What are the best PUBG Mobile weapons with highest damage to use? Have you ever wanted to know which guns can help you kill more enemies? So now, let’s explore more about it!

Since there is a wide array of guns featured in the mobile version of PUBG, it is important to know which guns are good options! Each of the weapons has different characteristics and stats. In case you are in the bewilderment of not knowing what guns to use, here’s a gun guide covering the top 5 weapons with the highest damage in PUBG Mobile!

Guns with the highest damage to use in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile AWM is one of the best guns dealing high damage

AWM in PUBG Mobile
AWM in PUBG Mobile

AWM is a powerful sniper rifle that deals 105 HP. The gun is considered as a nightmare to many gamers in matches as well. This is also how it appears first in the list. AWM in PUBG Mobile has become the strongest sniper rifle that can make a gamer unbeatable. So, there’s no reason not using it once, right? It also goes with the phrase “one hit one kill”. This means you only need to deal one shot to finish an enemy from afar. If you want to perform headshots, then AWM is the best choice for you.

So, where can you get an AWM? You can only pick up this gun in Airdrop. Thus, you must follow the flying route of the airplane then quickly get the weapon to use to your advantage!

Crossbow is also a PUBG Mobile weapon with high damage

PUBG Mobile crossbow
PUBG Mobile crossbow

Although crossbow is not a gun, it is still a threat to players. Crossbow has the same amount of hit damage as AWM. It can also deal a lot of damage, which is 105 HP on each shot. Therefore, you should get out of the range of the crossbow if you don’t want to take damage from it. However, the weapon has a disadvantage too, which is a slow reload, making it not an effective weapon for melee combat.

MK14 is a weapon that can be categorized as an assault rifle and a DMR

PUBG Mobile MK14
PUBG Mobile MK14

MK14 is the third weapon in the list of the top guns with the highest damage in PUBG Mobile. Because for each shot dished out by an MK14, players take 61 damage. MK14 is also a hot pick of gamers in most matches as well as a nice gun option for melee combat. You only need to deal from 3 to 4 shots to defeat an enemy. Also, you should try to perform the first shot accurately!

SLR also appears in the list of the best PUBG Weapons with the highest damage


SLR is a non-Sanhok-appearing-on weapon. This means players can find an SLR across all other PUBG maps. It is also a gun with frightening destructive power. One shot from an SLR deals 58 damage. However, it may take you a period of time to master this gun. If you are good at it, you can defeat any enemies in a medium-range match as well as a range match.

Groza is another powerful weapon that deals high damage

PUBG Mobile Groza

Groza is a strong assault rifle and it also becomes a good pick for gamers. With this gun in hand, you can defeat opponents without dealing many shots. So, use it to your advantage! To make it a more powerful gun, you can attach a QuickDraw Mag and a suppressor. If you want to get the Groza in your classic match, you have to follow the Airdrop then pick it up to use.

Above is the list of best weapons with the highest damage in PUBG Mobile. If you are in search of a gun that helps you headshot enemies or deals high damage, then you should think about all the aforementioned guns. Hopefully, you will make use of those guns to outplay your opponents in matches for the chicken dinners!

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