PUBG Mobile X Godzilla Vs Kong Version 1.4 And The Details Surrounding It

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PUBG Mobile x Godzilla Vs Kong will launch on May 11 with a new mode where you can meet 2 huge and famous monsters and More. This is good news, isn't it?

PUBG Mobile X Godzilla Vs Kong is ready to launch to players around the world with extremely interesting features. What do you know about it? In this article, we will list everything you need to know about Godzilla vs Kong mode and the 1.4 update version. Hopefully, you will enjoy this latest update. This is the trailer from the publisher.

As you may know, the PUBG Mobile X Godzilla Vs Kong collaboration event was previously revealed by Tencent. Specifically during the 3rd anniversary live broadcast on March 21, 2021.

Adam Wingard, director of Godzilla vs Kong expressed a partnership with PUBG Mobile will bring interesting content to the game with a theme revolving around his movie. Below are details of the PUBG Mobile X Godzilla Vs Kong collaboration event.

PUBG Mobile V.1.4 Godzilla Vs Kong Mode – What’s Must Know

Godzilla Vs Kong mode will be available on 2 significant maps – Erangel and Sanhhok.

Godzilla and Kong's appearance on PUBG Mobile 1.4
Godzilla and Kong’s appearance on PUBG Mobile 1.4

When you start the game with this mode on, you can see a large road along with the map. That is Godzilla’s path he will go through. There are 3 signal factories on that road and Godzilla will destroy these stations once it accesses them.

While Godzilla’s on its way, you cannot do anything to it. Unless you use a car and block its way, it will smash or kick the car away and slain you. Godzilla will fire a random deadly ray at the players around it and you must hide or die. About Kong, it will throw an airplane at players on the Sanhok map.

When Godzilla gets close to a factory, it will use its tail to destroy it. However, players will be fine by this action. When a station collapses, it reveals the inside area and there are lots of stuff for you to loot. Especially, you will find a particular location full of the best equipment such as level 3 helmet/armor.

PUBG Mobile Gozilla Vs Kong mode gameplay
PUBG Mobile Gozilla Vs Kong mode gameplay

Beware, you can also find on the minimap some spots where small monsters will spawn. You can loot their bodies after defeating them.

After Godzilla finishes destroying all 3 factories in PUBG Mobile, it returns to the sea – it’s home and disappears. Furthermore, there’s Easter Egg Mecha Godzilla for players to find out on the Erangle map. Check it out!

What Are New Special Features In This Version 1.4

Besides the main event Godzilla Vs Kong collaboration, this updated version also brings a new map: Karakin.

Basically, the new Karakin map spans two square kilometers and is rated as one of the smallest in PUBG Mobile. This one will replace the Vikendi map and there will be a maximum of 64 players in each game. Some new mechanics are also added to this map, for example, Demolition Zone, Sticky Bombs, and Thin Wall Bullet Penetration.

About the Demolition Zone, this new feature will bring players a totally different play style. This mechanic, which is designed to cause random damage to buildings, makes players come out and battle. This prevents players from hiding in the safe zone because these places can explode at any time. If you hear a siren, you better get moving, unless you want to get exploded.

Otherwise, some mentionable features can be brought about like Apex supply camp, PvE mob settlements, Electromagnetic Scanner. There is also a special cinematic that you can watch on the Spawn Island of Erangle or Sanhok. Don’t miss it!

For more details about this latest update 1.4, please go to the homepage of PUBG Mobile by the following link.

How to download PUBG Mobile version 1.4

Because version 1.4 is still working, you can download PUBG Mobile by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Download the APK file of 1.4 from the link. Remember to optimize your storage before downloading the file so it won’t be delayed.
  • Step 2: Next, players have to locate and install the APK file on their device. Do not forget to enable the ‘Install from unknown source’ option before doing so.
  • Step 3: Players can proceed to open the version and choose the resource pack after the installation is done.
  • Step 4:Once the in-game patches finish, you should click on the guest option. A dialog box will appear and ask you to enter the Invitation Code.
  • Step 5: Enter the code and tap on the OK button. After doing so, you will be able to enjoy the PUBG Mobile version 1.4. And remember, this is just the version, therefore I highly recommend you should wait for the official release for the best experience.

Above is some must-know information that you can’t miss about this new version 1.4. Hope you guys find this article useful. Good luck and have fun. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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