Balance again loot for PUBG Erangel

Here is the list of rebalancing problems for PUBG game, specifically for Erangel. We will talk about Erangel before we begin.


Erangel is an interactive map which is regarded as the first playfield for players of PUBG PC game. It is also the primary playable area of BATTLEGROUNDS.

It is an 8×8 km battlefield with randomly scattered buildings. To reach the main landmarks between two places, you are recommended to move by cars or motorbikes. If you progress during PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, you can recognize that the location is being shrunk. It will quickly get smaller and a red circle will soon pop up to form a zone for offshore artillery to attack with bombs.

On Erangel of PUBG pc download, there are various types of weather. They can influence your visibility and you have to adjust your tactics or you can get troubles. In Erangel, the local military base and districts will hide tons of good objects. Not only that, the combination of urban regions and wide open farmland will bring back a wide variety of encounters.

Issues of Erangel

Since the date the world of PUBG was presented with Erangel, it became the earliest Battle Royale experience of characters who took part in PUBG PC. Furthermore, the development team worked hard to continue so as to upgrade their product and launch more. That process abandoned Erangel somewhat. Even, it looked outdated and boring. Fortunately, developers determined to rework Erangel, based on their analysis and player feedback, especially when they found that contained plenty of bugs revolved around the loot and the spawn rate. It was a real challenge. However, it was obligatory to implement a hit to the Erangel and make a plan to provide a visual and tactical fidelity compared to other maps whilst preserving the magic and nostalgia that caused PUBG to be popular. Indeed, it was not a simplistic mission. But, they did not give up and they still wanted to purify it as well as test it alongside users.

Obviously, that job for Erangel in PUBG pc download free required a lot of effort and time, and, it was scheduled to be accomplished in phases which consumed many months. Within the project, sections of the entire improvement will be introduced in order for checking and feedback when they finish and deploy changes. To the opening stage, they will be resetting the loot and producing rates of Erangel, which they arrange to register for the next test server. Now, they will come with the direction and intention of those modifications to the loot.

Before the start,

To survivors in PUBG PC, remember to follow their campaign through official communications on the status of Erangel testing and send them your comments!

Spawn rates of items on Erangel

The target with the currently mentioned part of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game will focus on balancing the chaos of defending yourself in dangerous cases and the fun of collecting tools that you desire to utilize. To mess up that portion of the goal more, the system inside PUBG works randomly and chooses from a master table that scattering the loot in a dissimilar way every single match. As a crucial map, Erangel was crafted to be highly unsystematic with a lower ratio.

According to the progression of PUBG PC, new maps appeared together with other better playing patterns. That resulted in the legacy looting mechanic on Erangel being obsolete seriously. Luckily, the feedback from the community on the topic supported the dev team so they could resolve their matter.

When you look at the following graph, you can see that the creating rate on Erangel in PUBG pc download climbs up regularly between Early Access and December 17, 2018. In April of 2018, more artifacts and attachments were added to fix up the spawn rate. Nevertheless, the task of the team did not stop because the map trends altered constantly.

Spawn rates of items on Erangel
Spawn rates of items on Erangel

The connection between the spawn rate and the acquisition rate

Developers of PUBG steam game carried out item pick-up experiments with pro parties in esports mode. They conducted that to search for the solution for the balance affair by modifying the spawn rate. They opted for the esports mode because they supposed that it was much more effective in exploring the action of the appearing rate changes due to the esports mode had higher equipment spawn settings.

The connection between the spawn rate and the acquisition rate
The connection between the spawn rate and the acquisition rate
The connection between the spawn rate and the acquisition rate
The connection between the spawn rate and the acquisition rate

The test comprised 15 destinations and researched the advantage of loot. In general, they expected to spot the percentage which was chosen with the ones left behind. The true gathering standard across those lands was approximately 67.85%. So, there was about 33% of things built were not helpful or repeated. Moreover, there was one certain place that owned only 19.7%.

Thus, the value of stuff on Erangel of PUBG was updated, with the balance loot in zones that players could not look for resources they wished compared to the significance and the scale of the position they were in. Besides, they cared about the loot without selecting the popularity of distinctive territories.

Kinds of power-ups in PUBG PC were considered. They were pieces that could be scavenged in the paramount quarters on Erangel so they could decide on the characteristics of each. In addition, they surveyed your preferred game patterns, even consisting of towns that you loved to balance loot.

There was a contrast in two rates. Hence, they would be shared throughout Erangel carefully.

The mission of rebalancing loot on Erangel

Sanhok in PUBG mobile pc was singled out as the major comparison to the spawn rate of Erangel. It was smaller but granted lots of loot and had a faster-paced battle. Further, there were numerous participants hoped to get an identical experience and loot balance on Erangel.

Follow the actual data you can discern that ARs are 4.75%, DMRs 0.69%, and SRs 0.26% on Sanhok, but 2%, 0.48%, and 0.12% on Erangel. In other words, it indicates that AR and SR ratios on Erangel are lower.

The mission of rebalancing loot on Erangel
The mission of rebalancing loot on Erangel

In the coming test, the developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will set again the spawn rate of Erange more, reducing the existing amount of pistols, magazines, and grenades while rising up the number of weapons with equipment around 10-20%. The team will tweak the sum of items which are thrown into the map in the category and turn into something not different from that of Sanhok. They will do that to cause everybody not to call Erangel is a bigger Sanhok.

Forthcoming plans

Because the spawn rate balance in PUBG is not able to solve the Erangel’s difficulties, the dev team will go on to edit elements as test progress. They stated that they would pay attention to how play time and play style if these are impacted.

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